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A Brand New Year Brings....A New Entrecard Contest

Written by Erz on Monday, December 31, 2007

What can you expect in the new year? Well, one thing that can be said is that the Entrecard craze is still on!

RenaisNet, a blog which seeks to bring its readers the latest news and information on topics that can make their lives better, is holding a contest to give away 3000 Entrecard credits or more.

There are numerous ways to enter and they are promising a $25 Amazon gift certificate if they get 500 entries or more. You also get an entry to their next contest (still undecided) if you enter this one.

Contest ends 31st January 2008.

Check out their contest post for full details. Do head down and give them your support!

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New Year, New Theme

Written by Erz on Sunday, December 30, 2007

You may have noticed that Blog Paradise Contest Blog has got a new theme for the new year! I just thought that it would be a great time to freshen things up and improve the layout of this blog.

Thanks once again for all your nice suggestions and keep them coming in. If you haven't already subscribed to my RSS feeds, please do so to be kept up-to-date with all the latest blog contests and tips about anything under the sun.

To get the new year off to a great start, I'm slashing advertising rates on this blog by 50% for a limited time period. Check out the details here.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

Blog Paradise: Advertise

Written by Erz on Sunday, December 30, 2007

Advertise - If you would like to advertise on this blog, please send your advertising requests via the form below. The minimum advertising period is one month. Once approval is given, you will be given further instructions on payment and submission of ads etc. Approval of ads is at the sole discretion of the blog owner.

The current advertising fees are:
Image Ads (125x125px) - $25 per month
Text Link Ads - $15 per month
Others - Please enquire.

*Rates are in US Dollars. All rates are negotiable.

Blog Paradise: Submit Contest & Get Featured

Written by Erz on Sunday, December 30, 2007

Submit A Contest - You can submit your contests to me to be posted on this blog. Please use the submission form below and include the required details. I will have sole discretion in deciding whether to publish any submitted contests and all published content will be decided by me. Due to the popularity of this blog as a top contest blog and the large volume of contests submitted, there will henceforth be a US$20 fee for each approved submission (this small fee ensures that your contest will less likely be lost in a sea of other contests with not very attractive prizes). You are deemed to have accepted the above condition (to pay the fee) when you submit your contest using this form. Please only make payment after I have informed you that your contest has been approved. Do note that we do not make any refunds for whatever reason. Should you want your contest to be featured in the "Features: In The Limelight" section which is prominently displayed at the top of the right sidebar and to be included in the "Featured" category listing (to boost publicity as a contest is only successful if there is good participation), the current charges are as follows: 1 month feature (US$20), 2 months feature (US$35), 6 months feature (US$100), Other time periods (Please enquire). If your contest period is less than a month, the one-month charge will prevail. Please note that I must approve your contest before you can be featured. Hence, kindly wait for my reply to your contest submission request before making payment (for the feature section) unless you are making a donation.

In The Limelight (Get Featured Section) - As part of the continuous improvement process for this blog, I have added a featured section in the sidebar which I have named "Features: In The Limelight". This will be given a prominent position at the top. You may feature your contest here for a small fee (see above). I also welcome anyone to send in links to good contest posts, interesting and useful articles or tips, recommended blogs or websites etc to be featured here - if I select your article, there will be no charge. Please note that selection of any articles is at my sole discretion and I reserve the right to reject any entry.

Submit your contest and/or get featured using the form below:

Bet Against Me Blog Contest

Written by Erz on Friday, December 28, 2007

BloggerNoob is having an interesting contest - he's giving himself 2 weeks to get his Alexa ranking down to five figures and is challenging bloggers to bet against him to get a chance to win $100 if he doesn't achieve it or to bet with him and have a chance to win $20 if he does achieve that goal.

My bet is that he won't reach his goal. Why do I say so? No, I'm not against him. Nor am I an Alexa expert. On the contrary, I think that choosing that option makes for a win-win situation. If he doesn't achieve his goal, someone goes home happy with $100. If he does achieve his goal, I'll be happy for him. Either way, someone goes home happy.

Check out his contest post for full details.

Contest ends 11 January 2008.

Wishing Everyone A Merry Christmas!

Written by Erz on Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Here's wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! Happy holidays!

Want To Win $25 And An EBook?

Written by Erz on Monday, December 24, 2007

The General Marketing Blog is holding a contest with a top prize of at least $25 and an Ebook called The Thousand Dollar Guide Ebook (worth $9.99). The next 4 runner-ups will also receive the Ebook. To win, you have to send the most unique visitors to their site.

Contest ends 12th January 2008. Check out their contest post for full details.

Saphrym's Giveaway

Written by Erz on Monday, December 24, 2007

Saphrym is having a mega giveaway for bloggers with $250 and 1000 Entrecard credits up for grabs to a lucky random winner.

You've got to check out his interesting blog which covers a myriad of topics as a husband, father, reader, writer, teacher, thinker and more. One article I really enjoyed was how he discovered that inexpensive clear vinyl could be used as screen protectors (among many other new uses he also thought of). Often times, we don't realize that there are many ordinary things lying around the house which can have multiple uses. No wonder so many inventions have come about through this route!

Anyways, the contest ends 27th February 2008 (his daughter's birthday!). Lots of time to get entered! Go down to his contest post for full details.

impNERD Joins The Gang

Written by Erz on Saturday, December 22, 2007

impNERD is the latest among a host of blog sites to hold an Entrecard contest. The prize is 1000 Entrecard credits. To enter, just add him to your Technorati favorites for 1 entry and blog about his contest for 3 entries.

Check out the contest post for full details.

Contest ends 31st December 2007.

More Entrecard Credits For You

Written by Erz on Saturday, December 22, 2007

Belolats is joining the Entrecard credits giveaway bandwagon with another contest. She is giving away 500 credits weekly and some link love as well to the winning blogger who blogs about her contest.

Need I say more? Go check her blog out if you're looking for some more Entrecard credits!

Win A Unique Blog Design

Written by Erz on Saturday, December 22, 2007

Affiliate Gossip is holding a contest to give away a uniquely designed blog theme and 2 banner designs. There are several ways to enter:

Subscribing to their feed (5 entries)
Dropping your Entrecard (1 entry every time you drop)
Writing a review on your blog (15 entries)
Referring visitors from your website (1 entry per visitor)

Winner will be drawn every second month and a new contest will begin again after that so you can enter again the next month.

Check out the full details on their contest site.

Christmas Paradise Contest Winners

Written by Erz on Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Christmas Paradise Contest hosted by Blog Paradise is finally over. I am delighted at your enthusiasm and active participation despite this being such a short contest. While there was a little confusion over the comments form and the contact form, things were generally smooth-sailing and I enjoyed hosting the giveaway.

I would like to thank our generous sponsors, Kevin aka Zentro, OneBuckWiki Contest Page and FiveDollarWiki Contest Page for providing the coupon voucher while Blog Paradise provided the mystery bonus prize.

And thanks to all the participants of the contest, especially those who blogged about it and spread the word and those who subscribed to my RSS feeds.

Of course, the moment you have been waiting for. Who won the prizes? Well, I added in all your entries, assigned numbers to them and did a random draw...and the winner of our $45 coupon voucher to is (drumroll)......Laura at Laura Williams' Musings! Congratulations! I will be sending you your coupon voucher via email shortly so remember to check it!

The winner of the mystery bonus prize (which I can now reveal is an iTunes album) was drawn randomly from my list of RSS email subscribers. And the lucky winner is Cathy at Domestic Psychology! Congratulations and you should be receiving the email with the download link to iTunes very soon!

Once again, I would like to thank everyone for making my first blog contest a success and I hope you folks will continue to visit this blog to get information on the latest and best blog contests. Who knows, even if you did not win this time, you might just bag a prize yourself in one of these contests! And if you do, you're most welcome to come back here to let me know. I'd love to hear what you won!

Find paradise here at Blog Paradise! Have a great Christmas!

Have You Entered For A Piece Of Paradise Yet?

Written by Erz on Friday, December 21, 2007

We're counting down to the last few hours before the Christmas Paradise Contest ends at 12:00 A.M. (Pacific Standard Time, PST) on 22 December 2007. If you haven't entered yet or still wish to add to your entries, please do so by 11:59 P.M. (PST) on 21 December 2007. If you haven't subscribed to my RSS feeds via email or haven't verified your email subscription yet, please also do so by the deadline so you have a chance at a second prize (the mystery bonus prize which I will reveal when the contest ends). For the mystery bonus prize, you don't even have to make a comment on the contest post as I will draw the winner directly from my email subscription list.

Check out the contest post for full details. Hurry and get entered!

Vote For My Ruff PC Review!

Written by Erz on Friday, December 21, 2007

Hi folks, while you are waiting for the end of the Christmas Paradise Contest in less than a day, why not hop down to The Thinking Blog to give me a vote for my review and help me win a Ruff PC? My review is number 6 and you can vote on the voting post here before 25th December 2007.

Thanks for your support!

Win 1000 Entrecard Credits

Written by Erz on Thursday, December 20, 2007

What can I say - join the Entrecard contest trail! Joe Tech will be giving away 1000 Entrecard credits to a random winner who drops an Entrecard on him or blogs about his contest with a link. Easy does it!

Check out his contest post for full details and enter before 25th December 2007!

Yet Another Entrecard Giveaway?

Written by Erz on Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yes, you read it right! Another Entrecard giveaway is on so the Entrecard frenzy continues! The giver this time is Beth, the the coolest redneck girlie geek from Ramblings of an Undisturbed Mind. That description is cool in itself! But the contest itself is hot! She's giving away 2000 Entrecard credits in total - definitely motivation for doing a blog post. Check out her contest post for full details.

As a new blogger (my blog is less than 3 months old), I do need a bit of advertising to let more people know about this blog so the credits will come in handy. I also hope that letting more people know about my blog will mean that more people will have the chance to win a contest they see here. Spread the love!

Contest ends 1st January 2008, Noon, Eastern Time and winners will be drawn randomly.

Ashop Brings A Total Solution

Written by Erz on Thursday, December 20, 2007

Earlier, I introduced a dynamic company at the forefront of the hosted shopping cart software industry - Ashop Commerce. The provision of a total solution through their ecommerce software is imperative in removing a key obstacle which plagues some entrepreneurs. While these entrepreneurs may have a great product or idea, they may have no idea how to or lack the skills to bring the product to the online world.

Ashop not only removes the barriers to entry for novices, it also woos professionals who are looking for a quick and time-saving solution at very affordable rates. Their software is fully functional with major payment processors and boasts a search engine optimized structure. I especially like the fact that they offer a free 10-day trial for which business owners can test run the software before making a purchase decision. And as further evidence of the attractiveness of their service, Ashop has received positive testimonials from several of its customers and bagged some awards as well. Hosting your shopping cart with Ashop is likely to be a breeze with their fast servers and numerous backups.

If you’re planning a hassle-free ecommerce business, you’ll want to pop down to Ashop today!

Entrecard Giveaway

Written by Erz on Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Entrecard craze is fast picking up steam! There is yet another giveaway - this time by Andreas of Xavier Media Blog, who is giving away 700 Entrecard credits to a lucky blogger who blogs about his contest.

Check out the full details at his contest post. Contest ends 21st December 2007. Have you grabbed some credits yet?

Contact Form Removed From Bottom Of Pages

Written by Erz on Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hi everyone, just to let all of you know, I've removed the "Contact Me" contact form from the bottom of every page. While my initial intention was to make it easily accessible for readers, I realized through the Christmas Paradise Contest that a lot of you were sending me your comments not via the required comments form but via my contact form, even after I added much clarification and links. You have my apologies for this unintended consequence as I agree that having the contact form so close to a post does result in a little confusion, especially since my comments form is via the link called "Something to say?" and is thus not so obvious.

Anyway, you can now access the contact form via the "Contact" link on the top right hand of every page. I hope this reduces the confusion. If you haven't submitted your entries to the Christmas Paradise Contest via the comments form at the contest post, do post a comment there before the contest ends (in less than 3 days time!) as I can only track entries from there.

Good luck and keep those entries coming in!

Just A Few Days Left To Win The Christmas Paradise Contest

Written by Erz on Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hi folks, if you haven't entered my Christmas Paradise Contest yet or have only one or a few entries, you'd want to check out the contest post for all the ways to increase your chances of winning not one, but two prizes for Christmas! And just commenting on the comment form gets you one entry - simple!

Even if you've already entered, you can add on extra entries anytime before the contest ends. If you're subscribing to my RSS feeds via email (to be eligible for the mystery bonus prize), do remember that you must validate the subscription by clicking the link sent to your email address for your entry to be valid.

Contest ends on Saturday, 22nd December 2007, 12:00 A.M. PST. Good luck!

Win A Revolution Theme

Written by Erz on Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Want to win a Wordpress Revolution Theme? Well, Daniel at Daily Blog Tips and his sponsor, Brian Gardner, are giving out 3 of them to some lucky bloggers who share their blogging goals for 2008. Check out their contest post for full details.

Contest ends 23rd December 2007.

Here blogging goals for 2008:
1) Increase my RSS subscribers to at least 100 (this blog is not even 3 months old so I would be pleased with that).
2) Bring in monthly revenues enough to support a domain of my own and hosting fees on a paid web host for the year.
3) Have at least 3 new posts in a week (happy to say that I'm closing on 130 posts in less than 3 months).
4) Boost my PageRank to around 2 (currently unranked).
5) Bring a little bit of paradise to some nice people around the world by helping them find and win some great prizes (now this is definitely realistic and measurable by the good feedback and thanks from those who do win contests they see on my blog...and even if all the above goals are not achieved, I'd want this one to be!)

Christmas Paradise Contest: Mystery Bonus Prize Added!

Written by Erz on Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hi folks, thanks for the great participation in my Christmas Paradise Contest. As promised, I will be giving out a mystery bonus prize to my RSS email subscribers on top of the voucher already up for grabs.

Check out the update in my contest post for details. Have fun entering!

Christmas Paradise Contest At Blog Paradise

Written by Erz on Saturday, December 15, 2007

Blog Paradise is hosting its first blog contest - The Christmas Paradise Contest! Up for grabs is a $45 T-Shirt coupon voucher from, where you can get for yourself some beautiful customized T-shirts. We would like to thank our kind sponsors, Kevin aka Zentro, OneBuckWiki Contest Page and FiveDollarWiki Contest Page for providing the prize.

This is a quickie contest which will run for around one week and end on 22nd December 2007 (12:00 A.M., PST) so that we can send you your voucher in time for Christmas.

It is super easy to enter this blog contest and this contest is open worldwide and to both bloggers and non-bloggers alike. All you need to do is to leave a comment on this post (in the comments form) and you get one entry (no spam please)! I love to give options so if you want more entries, you can do the following as well:

-Comment on any post on this blog other than this one (1 entry)
-Add this site to your Technorati favorites (1 entry)
-Stumble this post (1 entry)
-Subscribe to my RSS feed via a reader (1 entry)
-Add my blog ( to your blogroll using the anchor text "Blog Paradise Contests" (2 entries)
-Subscribe to my RSS feed via email (3 entries)
-Blog about this contest with a link to the sponsors ( using the anchor text "blog contest wiki", ( using the anchor text "contest wiki" and my blog ( using the anchor text "blog contest" and to this contest post using any anchor text. Then post a comment in this contest post with the link to your blog entry to let me know you have done so (5 entries)

Do all the above and you can get as many as 15 entries. And wait, if you have multiple blogs, you can post on each blog to get even more entries. After you are done, you must leave a comment on this post (in the comments form) to tell me you have entered and how many entries you have to be included in the draw. I moderate comments so don't worry if your comment does not appear immediately. Please also see the important note below when posting your comments.

After the contest ends, I will draw a winner randomly and email the coupon voucher to the winner as well as announce the winner on a separate post. All I ask is that the winner make a comment on the winner announcement post to confirm that he or she has received the voucher. To be fair to my sponsors, I will award the prize only if I get a minimum of 10 participants. But if there is good participation, I will add a mystery bonus prize to be given to another entrant. So there may be two winners!

So get entered today and win for yourself a nice Christmas present!

UPDATE: Thank you everyone for the great participation in this contest. As promised, I will be giving away a mystery bonus prize to a lucky second winner. To be eligible, you must subscribe to my RSS feed via email before the contest ends (To subscribe, enter your email address in the box in the sidebar under "Subscribe By Email". Complete the verification sent to your email address and you're subscribed!). Those already subscribed will be automatically included. I will pick a winner from my list of email subscribers. If you have subscribed via a reader, do remember to subscribe via email as well to be included. Do note that you cannot win more than one prize so if you have already won the voucher, I will pick another winner for the mystery bonus prize, so that there will be two winners!

*Important Note: Please post your comments either by clicking the links to the comments form above or by clicking the link to the comments form under "Something to Say?" below and not by using the contact form. Any comments received via the contact form will be excluded from this contest as I will not be able to track them. If you're viewing it from my homepage, you can go to the comments form simply by clicking on the link to "x comments", where "x" is the current number of comments on the contest post. If you have multiple entries, kindly tabulate and tell me the exact number of entries you have. Thanks!

Blog Paradise Christmas Paradise Contest Coming Soon!

Written by Erz on Friday, December 14, 2007

Blog Paradise will be hosting a Christmas Paradise contest very soon! This will be a quickie contest and will end before Christmas so the lucky winner will get his or her present in time for Christmas.

I will be making it very easy to enter and will be opening it worldwide to bloggers and non-bloggers so do watch out for full details shortly!

Get Help In Your E-Commerce Business

Written by Erz on Friday, December 14, 2007

You may be thinking – I’m a novice so I can’t set up my own online business and be successful. Maybe that train of thought would be true in the past but there are now experts who could help even beginners to the business.

For instance, Ashop Commerce is a leading light in the provision of hosted shopping cart software. What Ashop does is offer a turn-key solution which would suit even new e-commerce business owners. Let the experts do it all for you with ecommerce software!

What I like most about the service is the flexibility accorded. Business owners are given a free hand at deciding how customized they want their website to be – you can tweak almost everything or, for those who are less enamored by the daunting task of setting up the different aspects of their shopping cart by themselves, they can just use a best-selling design which is already built. Hence, you have little to fret about and can do things your way. Ashop packs several more benefits into the package such as having secure hosting so that security is not compromised, free technical support, free upgrades for life and many more.

So if you’re thinking of starting your own ecommerce website, do check out Ashop! Start filling your pockets with a piece of the Internet pie!

Boost Your Finances With Smorty

Written by Erz on Friday, December 14, 2007

If you're a blogging fanatic, why not earn some cash while doing something you like? There are several programs where bloggers can get paid to blog.

One of them which I came across is Smorty, a service which acts like a matchmaker to advertisers looking to advertise on blogs and bloggers who are looking to blog for money. It works this way – advertisers offer a cash reward to bloggers who write an opinion about their website and provide a link back to it. This is rather similar to how some bloggers hold contests which ask others to review their blog in return for a prize.

What is also good about Smorty is that they pay weekly and through Paypal, which allows fast and easy rewards for bloggers while delivering to advertisers their desired dose of blog advertising. It also allows Smorty to reach out to the international blogging community due to the easy access of Paypal in many countries. Compared to programs which only pay in checks, this is a plus point.

So check them out if you are interested in making extra bucks. Get paid for blogging and boost your finances today!

Croc-king Your Way To A Prize

Written by Erz on Thursday, December 13, 2007

LittleRubberShoes is having a smashing contest with a prize of a $300 gift certificate! Full contest details can be found at their contest page.

For me, I love Crocs due to the comfort and airiness they provide - people often neglect their feet and fail to realize how important they are and hence the critical nature of the shoes we wear. Crocs may be seen as unfashionable by some but I love the way they pamper my feet and my little nephew calls them little crocodiles which always gives me a good laugh. Well, I don't mind such well-mannered crocodiles! If you've got an opinion about your Crocs, why don't you croc your way to a prize too?

I Wanna Win The Sonic Boom Alarm Clock Contest

Written by Erz on Thursday, December 13, 2007

Easywordpress is having a contest to give away 5 Christmas gifts plus one bonus gift. The gifts are all pretty cool and my favorite is the sonic boom alarm clock which I really need to stop oversleeping =)

Check out the contest page for full entry details! Enter now!

Let Your Face Win You Something!

Written by Erz on Monday, December 10, 2007 is an example of a good domain gone bad - Face - a great generic word. It looks like it was written in Notepad, but still purports to earn more than $1000 a month. Now they are running two contests: an hourly giveaway just for posting a picture of your face, as well as a contest for $200 for bloggers. Check it out and be encouraged that if this guy can make it, anyone can.

Contest ends 31st December 2007. Check out the full contest details at the contest page.

Free Ad Spots

Written by Erz on Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Contest Winner is giving away some free advertising spots and more on his website 1 Cool File so head down to the contest page to see if you can win something today!

Only Days Left To Win Easy Prizes

Written by Erz on Sunday, December 09, 2007

Just got a message from Zentro that his worldwide blog contest is ending in less than a week (on 15th December 2007) so if you've not entered yet, hop down to check out the contest post for full details.

You stand to win around $85 worth of prizes and get yourself or someone special some great Christmas gifts at cheap prices from two of the most well known stores on the Internet. They stock millions of products so you'll surely be able to grab something you like. These gift certificates are selling like hot cakes on some auction sites so you'll want to get them quick. And according to him, if you enter now, you stand a very good chance of winning the prizes!

Win a Nintendo Wii

Written by Erz on Sunday, December 09, 2007

Contest Beat is giving away a great gift for Christmas - a Nintendo Wii! This is a contest sponsored by CellforCash. CellforCash acts as the missing link in a broken supply chain by allowing consumers to trade their used or old cell phones for cash. You'll want to check them out if you looking to sell your cell phone.

To enter the contest with 2 entries, just make a post about the contest and prize with the required links and you're in. Get a bonus entry by subscribing to the RSS feed via email. Check out the full entry details in the contest post.

Contest ends midnight of 24th December 2007 i.e. 25th December 2007. Winner will be randomly drawn and everyone who enters gets a free backlink.

Secret Classroom Mega Blog Contest

Written by Erz on Friday, December 07, 2007

Thor Schrock is holding a Secret Classroom mega Blog Contest which I’m entering. Here are the great prizes on display:

1st Prize - $1,000 Value
$1,000 USD CASH via PayPal

2nd Prize - $497 Value

A Copy of Joel Comm’s Secret Classroom DVD Set
This DVD set contains all of the instruction that I received while on the Next Internet Millionaire. This month alone the secrets that these gurus taught me have generated more than $14,000 in revenue. If you are into internet marketing or just want to start making money online, this set is a must-have. Trust me on this one.

3rd Prize - $300 Value

A 22″ Wide screen Acer LCD Computer Display
If you are using a square monitor right now or something smaller that 22", winning this display is a no brainer. Here are the technical specs for the connoisseurs among us:
Acer X221WSD 22" Wide screen LCD Monitor5ms, 1000:1, WSXGA+ 1680×1050, VGA, Color: Silver

Check out the contest post for full details on how to enter and get extra entries. You won’t want to miss out on this great contest.

Contest ends 31st December 2007. Get entered today!

Agility Can Win You $50

Written by Erz on Friday, December 07, 2007

Online Presence is having yet another contest called the AgileBlogger contest. The prize is $50 via Paypal. is a new discussion forum started by Anuj of Online Presence. It aims to reach out to bloggers by acting as a platform for bloggers to discuss any topic related to blogging. This is great as it allows bloggers to share and learn from the experiences of one another. For newbies, this is especially important since there is so much to understand about blogging.

Contest ends 15th January 2008 and the winner will be drawn randomly. Lots of time to show your agility! Check out the full entry details on the contest post.

Christmas Giveaway From BAYB

Written by Erz on Thursday, December 06, 2007

Blog About Your Blog, together with their sponsor NeverBlueAds, has yet another fine contest lined up. To enter, just mention the contest and their sponsor in a blog post. Get a bonus entry by including your affiliate link when mentioning their sponsor. The prizes you can win are as follows:

First-Third Place: 100$ Winners from NeverBlueAds
Fourth Place: Website Review on this blog by Adsense Tracker
Fifth Place: 25$ from Blogging4Everyone
Sixth Place: Website Review from Nspeaks
Seventh Place: Website Review from SelectIndex
Eighth Place: Featured Blog Spot on A Links Blog

Tantalizing right? Check out the full details on their contest post.

Deadline is 17th December 2007. Give them your support and enter today!

Win $25 From IBD Health Blog

Written by Erz on Thursday, December 06, 2007

The IBD Insurance Health Blog is giving away $25 via Paypal or money order to bloggers. All you need to do to enter is to make a post on your blog about the contest and link back to their contest post and IBD Insurance homepage.

Contest deadline is 1st January 2008 and the winner will be drawn randomly. Enter now!

Earn $20 With Blog Dahh Net

Written by Erz on Thursday, December 06, 2007 is giving away $20 and a free link via a blog contest. To enter, just sign up for his RSS feed, stumble his blog and make a blog post on his contest and you're in! Check out his contest post for full details.

Winner will be randomly selected on 2nd January 2008 and a minimum of 10 participants are required.

A Sweet Contest!

Written by Erz on Thursday, December 06, 2007

SweetHacks, a technology blog, is having one of their weekly competitions and the prize this week is free ad space, a free review and $10 (up to $80 equivalent in prizes). And entering is so easy as well. There are several ways to enter as below:

Comment on their post - 1 Ticket
Subscribe to RSS - 3 Tickets
Link back to them (Any Anchor Text to in blogroll) - 5 Tickets
Review this
series of contests (including link to main page and contest post) - 10 Tickets

Check out their contest post for full details. The winner will be announced on the coming Monday. Do look out for their weekly contests every week too!

Review: rssHugger

Written by Erz on Wednesday, December 05, 2007

rssHugger is a brand new website launched by Collin LaHay, also the creator of WordHugger. It aims to help bloggers promote their blogs and at the same time, help readers to find those blogs which have topics they are interested in.

This is a great idea as it acts as sort of a marketplace to match readers to blogs. I also like the Collin's idea of resetting the top 100 pages every month to maintain a level playing field as it prompts bloggers to work at keeping their blogs on the popular list and thus prevents complacency.

Furthermore, it is great that Collin has listened to feedback to allow free listing in return for reviews. If he had stuck with his initial $10 fee, I doubt many bloggers would have signed up with him as rssHugger still has not established itself.

The rssHugger website itself is easy to navigate and I like his graphics and color scheme. Another plus point is that there are no added advertisements on the website.

All in all, only time will tell whether rssHugger will be able to attract the mass of bloggers needed to make it a success but it certainly looks promising!

Win $25 From Blogscape

Written by Erz on Monday, December 03, 2007

The Blogscape is giving away $25 to boost the traffic to his site. You also get a backlink for entering his contest. To enter his contest, all you need to do is to blog about his contest and post a link back to the page from your blog or website. That easy! You can also get more entries. Check out his contest post for full details.

Contest ends 24th December 2007.

An iPod Touch, Anyone?

Written by Erz on Sunday, December 02, 2007

Want to win an 8GB iPod Touch? FileLime is giving away one to a lucky blogger who reviews their website and blogs about their contest. The post must be a minimum of 100 words with a link back to FileLime and their contest page. Then submit your entry via their form and you're in.

Contest ends 18th December 2007 and the winner will be randomly drawn. Good luck!

My review:
FileLime is a website which allows you to upload anything. They offer 150MB of free space, 5 multiple uploads, a progress bar uploader and even a direct link to your upload. I love the catchy name and the colors but the website itself is rather spartan. At first glance, I did not know what it was for and what it did until I saw the tagline "upload anything!" I think the idea is good as there is no signup/registration needed but a clearer explanation such as an "about us" section and FAQs would be most helpful. There should also be contact details to increase the credibility of the site. Putting too many ads on the homepage could also backfire. All in all, it seems like a good idea worth exploring but more needs to be done to increase the clarity and credibility of the site.

Win $85 Worth Of Prizes

Written by Erz on Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas season is here and Zentro is giving away around $85 worth of prizes plus you can get yourself or someone special some great Christmas gifts at cheap prices. Check out the contest post for full details.

Contest is open worldwide and ends 15th December 2007.

How To Hold A Successful Blog Contest

Written by Erz on Sunday, December 02, 2007

This article is part of How2Blogger’s Super Sexy Holiday ‘How To’ Contest which you can see at How2Blogger’s ‘How To’ site. You stand to win $100 in a random drawing. Contest ends 29th December 2007 so check out the contest post for full entry details!

So how do you hold a successful blog contest?

1. Open it internationally - How many people are there in the US versus the world? You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out. Don't get stuck in the mire. You may say that there are enough bloggers from the US for your contest to be feasible. True, but why stop there? If you can attract 100 US bloggers, there may be 1000 internationally-located bloggers you have excluded. And that is where things get murky. It is dangerous to exclude anyone! Instead of increasing the popularity of your site, it can work the other way. Imagine you are the one left out - you may form an impression that this site is only for people in the US no matter how relevant your content may be. And these people may NOT come back to your site and they may also tell others NOT to visit your site. Word-of-mouth can work both ways. You may not know it, but you may have just stabbed yourself in the back though your intentions in holding the contest were good!

2. Offer attractive prizes - That is not to say giving away a pencil is wrong. It is not. But if you want your blog contest to be very successful, you will have to dangle a bigger carrot. And your carrot should not be targeted at too specific an audience. Again, I am not saying that being specific is wrong. But to catch more fish, your worm should be pitched at a large audience so your prizes should be attractive to the masses.

3. Make it easy to enter - If you have too many rules or conditions for entry, it will make your blog contest less attractive, no matter how good your prize is. That's typical of human beings!

These are not exhaustive, nor are they radically new ideas, but these are 3 basic criteria which I believe in. While you may say that they are common sense, there are many contests which do not fulfil these criteria. So things may not be as straightforward as one may presume. A case in example is Problogger's recent wildly successful birthday giveaway. Look carefully and tell me if the giveaway fulfils these conditions. Then look at several contests which have fallen by the wayside. You judge for yourself.

DNXpert Giveaway

Written by Erz on Sunday, December 02, 2007

Yes folks, I'm back with all the best contests! Traveling was a blast but I missed giving you folks your daily dose of paradise! To kick things off, DNXpert is having a contest to give 5 lucky people an exclusive list of 200 expired domains each plus $10 each via Paypal so they can register at least one of those expired domains.

Contest ends 10th December 2007 and don't forget to leave a comment on the contest post as well. Good luck!

On The Move

Written by Erz on Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ok folks, I will be overseas for work for a few days time so do check my previous post to see how to contact me. Have fun and enter a contest today!

Blog Paradise Takes A Break

Written by Erz on Saturday, November 24, 2007

In a few days time, I will be overseas for work purposes for a couple of days and on the move so I will probably not be able to keep track of things here. Don't fret! I will approve any comments and reply to any emails when I return and will also get you the latest and best blog contests then. If you need to contact me or let me know anything, just use the 'contact me' form to drop me an email and I'll reply on my return on 1st December 2007. There may not be Internet access all around in the country I'm going so I will probably only be able to get back to you on my return. Have a great week ahead!

Privacy Policy

Written by Erz on Friday, November 23, 2007

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This policy may be updated or changed anytime and we encourage you to review it whenever you visit the site to make sure you understand how any personal information you provide will be used.

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My Ring Is A Mouse!

Written by Erz on Thursday, November 22, 2007

My Blog Contests is having its first blog contest. And the prize is a ring-type optical mouse - cool! I just love these gadgets! To enter, just blog about his contest and link back to his Blog Contests homepage, the contest post and his toolbar post and you're all set.

You can get additional entries as well. For full details, check out his contest post.

Contest ends 12th December 2007 and a winner will be randomly chosen. This contest is open worldwide.

Win A Canon Camera!

Written by Erz on Thursday, November 22, 2007

Neil Duckett is giving away a Canon IXY Digital 1000 camera worth around $450 to one lucky winner! To enter, there are several ways:

1 Entry in the draw - Subscribe to by email, RSS too if that`s your preferred method of reading but email will be the official counter for the draw.
5 Entries in the draw - Write a post on your site regarding
this competition and linking back to Please write a comment here with a link to your post so i can add you in the draw.
In addition, I like the idea of offering options so for those willing to pay a few bucks you can consider the following.
10 Entries in the draw - Purchase a spot under “Recommended Reading” through
here priced at $15
15 Entries in the draw - Purchase a 125 x 125 advertising spot for $20 which will run from as soon as i get your button until the end of January, that’s the best part of 2 months if you get in quick.

Check out the contest post here.

Contest ends 10th December 2007 and a minimum of 100 "entries" are required for the contest to go live. Get entered today!

Thinking Too Much May Be Good For You!

Written by Erz on Thursday, November 22, 2007

Think of any great Christmas present you think you would love to receive? Think you can write a good blog post and give some link love? Well, thinking has its rewards as the thinking people at the Thinking Blog are giving away a water resistant laptop which I think is called RuffBook Tech. Think of any laptop which can withstand the most rugged of conditions? Think no longer. RuffBook Tech will do the job. Think you can make it before the contest closes on 20th December 2007? If you think so, check out their contest post for full details, which I think should interest you. If you keep on thinking and not acting, you should think twice about thinking that you can win this.

Well, guess how many times the word 'think' has appeared in this post? I think I know the answer. Do you think so too?

Half A Day To Win $45 Worth of T-Shirts

Written by Erz on Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Half a day to win $45 worth of customized T-Shirts? Yes, to win the T-shirt voucher, you've got to act fast. The winner is the one who successfully bids for the 2 auctions on this contest page. With no current bidders, you've got to fancy your chances! They're both great gift certificate deals ideal for the Christmas. Plus, you get the chance to win some more prizes in a random draw.

So contest ends - well, in half a day. Hurry is an understatement!

Win An Amazing SEO Package

Written by Erz on Monday, November 19, 2007

Here's a great SEO package up for grabs. To enter this contest, just paste this to your blog:

Freezing Hot, an Internet marketing company specializing in small business seo and ppc management, is running a contest and giving away a search engine optimization package worth $400 to the winner. Check out the contest on their internet marketing blog and subscribe to the RSS feed. And be sure to check out Contest Blogger, the number one source for prizes and free samples.
Contest ends 18th December 2007 where a random winner will be drawn. Plus, everyone who enters gets a free backlink as well. Do check it out! Full contest details here.

Go Nature's Way - Win A Wooden Memory Stick

Written by Erz on Monday, November 19, 2007

The Prize Blog is having a contest with a special prize - a 2GB wooden memory stick. How unique can that be? Will it grow leaves as well? If you want to know the answer, get entered into this contest by giving some link love to The Prize Blog and his original contest post. Remember to let him know you've entered after that.

Contest ends 31st December 2007. Enjoy nature in your bedroom!

Comments Moderation For Blog Paradise

Written by Erz on Sunday, November 18, 2007

Just to let everyone know, I will be enabling comments moderation on this blog. So if your comments don't appear immediately, don't fret as I will approve them as long as they are not indecent or inappropriate. If you need to contact me urgently, please use the 'contact me' form at the bottom of each page to drop me an email. I would love to keep comments unmoderated but I noticed that some viewers have used the comments page for the wrong reasons. To prevent abuse, I will have to moderate comments in the future. All part of defending the paradise so that it remains paradise. Go win something today!

Win $10 From The Prince

Written by Erz on Sunday, November 18, 2007

Want to win something from a prince? Well, you can - Prince John is giving away $10 via Paypal to a lucky blogger who links back to any post on the Prince John Blog. You don't even have to write an exclusive post. He will also give some link love to all who enter his contest.

Check out his contest page for full details. Contest ends 18th December 2007.

A Joint Blogger Weekly Contest & Review

Written by Erz on Saturday, November 17, 2007

Treizie (Jaesten) and Phos Tan are having a joint contest with a weekly prize of $20 via Paypal and 2 Technorati authorities. That's a great idea for new bloggers who are not making loads of cash yet but who still want to increase their viewership.

To enter, you must subscribe to their RSS by reader and email, fave them in Technorati and make a constructive review of their blogs and contest with 2 links each to the homepages of Blank Mind of Treizie and Phos Tan as well as to Treizie's contest page and Phos' contest page. Wow, lots of links! Do check out their contest posts for the full details and rules.

The Blank Mind of Treizie blog is in 3 column style which allows her to maximize the space for ads. This is a double-edged sword as many bloggers have mentioned before. I guess finding a balance between monetizing your blog and having an overkill of ads is the way to go. Nonetheless. Treizie blogs about a myriad of topics so her blog could be suitable for a range of people. I also like the tagline "Thoughts of a blank mind" as it seems conflicting and thus causes you to ponder over it. So do go and have a look!

Phos Tan's blog is where he shares his fun and cool ideas on several topics, anything from technology to finance to games. This is again a grey area as the debate between putting out a general content to attract many people versus putting out in-depth and specialized content which builds depth and adds to 'stickiness' rages on. So there is no right or wrong but a choice by the blog author. I do like the look of his blog, especially since it originated from Jackbook who has got some cool templates. Like Treizie, he uses a 3 column template to maximize space and has lots of ads. I also like his idea of a "viral blog review" where he trades links for writing a free review.

So get entered in their contests today.

P.S. Treizie's son is really cute!

$100 Linkback Contest

Written by Erz on Friday, November 16, 2007

Nomar is having another of those great cash contests to promote his Webmaster Forum and KingNomar blog. The prize is $100! He's got a nice community going there so you'd want to check it out. Full details on the links and requirements for the contest are available at his contest post.

Contest ends 30th November 2007 and a minimum of 15 blog entries are needed before the prize will be given away to a random winner.

Good luck!

Can't Get Rich Contest

Written by Erz on Friday, November 16, 2007

Can't Get Rich is an interesting new blog which was started to spread the belief that you cannot get rich online. I can't say I subscribe to that but he's having a nice contest to give away a $100 gift certificate to the Apple store.

To enter, blog about the contest in more than 3 sentences and what you are going to do with the prize. If I win, I'd add it to the "pamper the other half" fund if you get what I mean.

Also, you will have to link to his Can't get rich main site.

Finally, give him a link to his contest post and you're in the running for the prize as long as he has a minimum of 20 entries at the end.

Contest ends 1st December 2007.

Christmas Giveaway At Gather Success

Written by Erz on Friday, November 16, 2007

Alvin at Gather Success, a blog which teaches you how to make money online, is having a contest giveaway with some great prizes. To enter, you will have to complete the 4 tasks on his contest page.

Contest ends 25th December 2007 but is limited to the first 30 participants only so go check him out soon.

50 Bucks In A Nutshell

Written by Erz on Friday, November 16, 2007

Mel in a Nutshell is having a contest to give away 50 bucks via Paypal! All you need to do to enter is to link to her main page and blog about her contest. Don’t forget to insert her little badge somewhere on your site. Check out Mel’s contest page for full details.

Contest ends 13th December 2007. The winner will be randomly drawn. Go check it out folks!

Win A $200 SEO Package

Written by Erz on Friday, November 16, 2007 and Freezing Hot, an internet marketing company specializing in small business seo and ppc management, are running a blog contest and giving away a search engine optimization package worth $200 to the winner. Check out the blog contest on MyBlogContest. Freezing Hot also has an internet marketing blog, so make sure to subscribe to the RSS feed.

Contest ends 5th December 2007.

Contest & Review: Online Presence

Written by Erz on Thursday, November 15, 2007

Anuj at Online Presence is having a great contest and the prize is $100 via Paypal! All you need to enter is to write a review of his blog (minimum 50 words) with at least one link back to his blog or any post and you're in the running.

Contest ends 31st December 2007 and the winner will be picked randomly on 10th January 2008. Check out his contest post for full details.

Online Presence is basically a blog which teaches you how to make money online, one of my favorite topics! There are several interesting articles on his blog which provide advice on how to monetize your blog or website, such as how to get maximum returns for your ads. If you're a beginner in this, you'd want to check out how to earn more buckaroos with your blog or website. Besides some useful articles, I also like how he has a clear disclosure policy. The website design is easy on the eyes, though the numerous advertisements may slow down surfing pleasure. Nonetheless, he's got a great tagline - let's make money online and I'd boldly add - together! Blog Contest

Written by Erz on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 Blog is having a contest with two $15 cash prizes to give away. Just blog about their site/blog/contest, include a link to the contest post and one or more of the specified pages in that post and you’re in. is basically a website which sells Himalayan Goji Juice which is said to be jam-packed with nutrients while still maintaining a great taste. Among the list of several health benefits, I really need the one about boosting my energy and stamina levels. Hmm, I’m feeling thirsty already!

Contest ends 22nd November 2007. Check out the contest post for full details.

The Mega $1000 Contest

Written by Erz on Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fancy going home $1,000 richer? Well, Doug at The Marketing Technology Blog is holding a contest to give away $1,000 via Paypal (plus some other great prizes)! To enter, you need to write a blog post with a reference to each of his 10 sponsors with a couple of sentences about their site, product or service. If you want 10 entries, write a blog post for each of the 10 sponsors.

Contest ends 25th November 2007 and a winner will be chosen randomly. Head over to the contest page for full details and rules.

Here’s my entry for this $1,000 Giveaway at The Marketing Technology Blog:

The Marketing Technology Blog is a highly successful blog by digital and database marketer, Douglas Karr. It has lots of interesting and useful articles on marketing, advertising, technology as well as a myriad of other topics. This is a power-packed blog with information that most online marketers will definitely want to know!

FormSpring offers its customers the ability to create powerful forms for numerous purposes, for instance order forms, feedback forms or the like. These forms can be customized for the specific needs of each customer and do not require any installation as they are web-based. You can subscribe to their basic service for free or add on functionality by subscribing to one of their paid services.

PPC Hero is a blog dedicated to pay-per-click management. This is a blog that those hoping to monetize their websites or blogs should visit. There are goodies galore for both beginners and hard-core PPC expert so no one is left out!

Search Engine People is a Canadian search engine marketing and optimization firm. With a team of well-qualified specialists in this field, they provide their clients with strategies to boost the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

EverEffect is an interactive marketing firm which aims to assist its clients in finding, getting and keeping their clients online. Led by a team of highly educated professionals, they provide clients with strategic planning, interactive development, and data-driven analysis among others. If you want to avoid ‘Information Highway Robbery’, as they call it, check them out for some advice.

Wrike is a leading light in online project management using email. This web-based service is simple to use and offers great rewards especially in time savings and organization. So write it with Wrike today!

Tracy Garnier: Real Estate Agent - Indianapolis, Indiana has accumulated much knowledge and experience in the industry which allows her to negotiate great deals for her customers. The best thing about her – she does not treat it simply as a transaction but she cares about her clients!

A Pound a Day Diet is a system to help a person lose weight fast. They have a 60-day full money-back guarantee so you can trial the system with no worries. So if you’re in the doldrums due to your weight, do check them out and see if their system is the one for you.

Vontoo is a pioneer self-service voice messaging system which allows you to track the messages you create. This is an easy-to-use system with potentially massive benefits, such as allowing permission-based voice marketing for a great price. Go check out their free trial if you have the time.

GoCollege provides a detailed guide to students on almost every aspect of college education, whether it is financing, educational options or simply advice on how to make the best of your college days.

Reason & Capitalism: Contest & Review

Written by Erz on Monday, November 12, 2007

Shaun at Reason & Capitalism is having a superb contest with a prize of $200 via Paypal and a permanent link from a PR4 site. To enter, just do a one-paragraph review of his Money page and include links to that Make Money Online page and to his main domain. After 100 links to the page, he will draw the winner randomly. That won't be the end of the contest as a new contest will start to give away $300 for another 100 links as long as his website is on the web. Check out the contest page for full details.

If you want to Make Money Online, you'd want to check out his Money page, which lists several tips on how to fill those wallets of yours through the Internet. He tells you how to set up your blog or website, giving recommendations of great programs and companies he has used and worked with. There are also useful suggestions as to how you can monetize your blog or website. The best part is that the article is full of his own personal experiences and tips which you may not find on generic articles telling you how you can make money online. All in all, it's a good read and worth that few minutes of your time even if you do not eventually take up all the suggestions he makes.

Win With Link Bait Me!

Written by Erz on Friday, November 09, 2007

Link Bait Me is giving out a cool hundred bucks in a new contest. Just head over to his MyBlogLog member page and join all 3 of his communities to get 3 entries. Blog about his contest and you get 10 more entries. Easy! You can stand to win more and he may add more prizes if enough people join and/or he wins the MyBlogLog contest. Check out full details at his contest post!

Contest ends 30th November 2007 and the winner will be drawn randomly.

Mom Coming Home's Blog Birthday Giveaway

Written by Erz on Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Mom Coming Home is having a great contest to celebrate her blog's 3rd birthday. Congrats! To enter, you have to blog about your first blog post and give a link back to Mom Coming Home. Three $20 Amazon gift certificates are up for grabs on 30th November 2007. Check out full details at her contest post.

For me, this is a new blog just started last month but I'm glad to say I've reached 80 posts already! My first post was quite uneventful and just some ramblings about whether I could keep this blog going for a long time - it does take quite a bit of effort - but I think I've had a good start and hopefully I can continue to bring the latest and best blog contests to all you folks out there!

Do You Dare To Kill The Zombies?

Written by Erz on Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Kill The Zombies is having a contest to give away a free mystery Zombie movie on DVD.

All you need to do is to post a link to Kill The Zombies. It's that easy! He'll then pick a random winner. Deadline is not specified.

Check out his contest post here.

Custom Wordpress Theme Package Up For Grabs

Written by Erz on Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Hey folks, contest time again. Just Not Martha is having a contest to give away a custom Wordpress theme package sponsored by Designed by Lara. If you're in need of a blog redesign, this is the contest you'll want to enter. There are several ways to enter. Check out the full details at the contest post.

Contest ends 30th November 2007 and the winner will be randomly drawn. Do enter and give them your support!

Blogging Contest At Mark Houston Recovery

Written by Erz on Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Mark Houston Recovery is holding a blogging contest with a $25 cash prize. All you need to do is to blog about the contest and link back to the contest post and one of the articles in their article section, for instance, this article on advice related to alcohol addiction problems.

The contest is open to anyone and you can enter on multiple blogs. The winner will be selected randomly on 1st December 2007. Lots of time to enter folks!

Check out their contest post for full details.

Cash Contest By Money Blogger!

Written by Erz on Monday, November 05, 2007

Money Blogger is a blog by Don Ramsey, a web developer and designer. Don started his blog last month as a year-long project to see how much money he can make from blogging. He's now holding a smashing contest and giving away cold hard cash!10 lots of $10 by Paypal on a first-come-first-serve basis are up for grabs to bloggers who write about his blog and give him some link love to the contest post.

Contest ends when all 10 valid entries are received so hurry! Check out full contest details here.

Mixed Drink World's Blog Contest

Written by Erz on Sunday, November 04, 2007

Mixed Drink World is a new website which is dedicated to mixed drink and cocktail recipes. If you love parties, this is the place for you to get information on your favorite drinks. They are now having a fabulous win a new IPOD Touch blog contest to give away – yes the no-brainer – a 16GB iPod Touch worth $400. It is super simple to enter. Just write a quick post about this great mixed drink recipe site with the required links and you’re in.

Contest ends 30th November 2007.

What’s great about this contest is that it is open to non-English blogs as well and also to international participants! Mixed Drink World will even ship to anywhere in the world for free.

So this is not a contest you will want to miss. Check out the full details at their contest post. Enter now! Contest & Review

Written by Erz on Saturday, November 03, 2007

Narendra S.V, the author of, is having his first major contest after bagging $2500 from Congrats! To celebrate his win, Narendra will be giving away an eye-catching $700 worth of prizes to bloggers who do a review of his website. Check out the list of prizes below:

First-place prize:
$180 worth one year free Category listing in as a Featured Link from (Alexa Rank: 1,499)
$111 usd via paypal from
$25 worth of one image adspot with 100×100px @

Second-place prize:
$155 worth of Pro Adsense SEO Guide E-book form (Alexa Rank: 99,327)
$50 worth 468×60px image adspot for one month in

Third-place prize:
$60 worth of one image adspot with 120×120px for one month in
$50 worth Pro Web Designing ebook from

Fourth-place prize:
1 year free hosting from
$25 worth image adspot of 100×100px @

Additional prizes:
$25 worth of Google Adwords Coupon (for one lucky winner)
$50 worth of Text-Link-Ads in for 5 lucky drawn winner (one for each)

The rules for the contest, which he has modified to make it easier to enter, are as follows:

Rules and Regulations:
The contest starts from October 8th 2007 & ends on November 24th 2007 and the winners are announced on November 28th 2007.
1) All blogs are allowed to participate except Porn and warez blogs.
2) The review must be 250 - 300 word post on any category.
3) Also let your readers know about the author of is narendra.s.v and link to this contest page.
4) To participate, please comment at
the contest post along with your post’s permanent link!
5) The prize’s image ad spots formats allowed are PNG, GIF, JPG only!
6) Your review must stay as long as your blog lives!
7) All sponsors, team and family members of are NOT allowed to participate.
8) Your review must be submitted @
9) You must add the coded links found on
the contest post @ the bottom of your review without any modification.

Please check out the contest post for full details and the latest rules (in case he has made any further amendments).

On to the review, is a website on technology, gadgets, Web 2.0 and much more – it covers quite a sizeable range of topics, including one of my favorite topics on making money and even topics related to health! With the breadth of topics, you’ll probably be able to find something down there which interests you. It is commendable that there is a relatively high frequency of postings on a myriad range of topics. A caveat is that the broad range of topics may come across as not very focused and may also make it difficult for the author of the site to build depth for each category.

The website has a nice, “designy” kind of look and is very well monetized with its three-column layout and lots of ads. One note of caution here, not everyone likes a site full of ads so one thing I could suggest for improvement is to reduce the clutter somewhat to avoid what I call “visual overload” on the part of visitors.

Of course, the making money section is one which greatly interests me. Narendra has created an interesting wordpress plugin called the Customized Random Top Ads Plugin which you can use to keep 6 different google products or other referral links at the top of your blog and these are rotated randomly when the page is loaded or when the visitor clicks on the “Next Tip” link at the top. He’s also got an article with some good tips on how to improve the link popularity of your site. Again, to be brutally honest, while I enjoyed the posts in this category, the section is crying out for more articles and in order to become a “sticky” website for me, I think there needs to be a reduction in scope while improving the depth of certain categories.

Thanks Narendra for submitting your contest to me! Go give him some support!

Supported By:, Blogging and Money Making Tips,, and Yogtec’s Digital Technology

Fill Your Pockets To The Brim With LinkWorth

Written by Erz on Friday, November 02, 2007

LinkWorth is a premier portal for search engine marketing. It has a myriad range of offerings for both advertisers and affiliates or partners alike.

So how can you amass wealth by using LinkWorth? Can blogging boost your finances? Of course it can! As a blogger like me, you can join the partner scheme. They have a whole host of partner products available which you can utilize. I have highlighted a few of the products in their partner’s suite below:

These are basically text-based advertisements which link directly to an advertiser’s targeted landing page. These are unobtrusive and you have the freedom to determine how many ads you want to host and where exactly.

A LinkPost is a paid blog post written by a blogger within the Linkworth community. As you know, blogs have quite a phenomenal viral effect especially if they’re frequently updated with content which appeals to their readers.

These are simply in-content pay-per-click ads which are embedded directly into an advertiser’s preferred keyword strings and look just like hyperlinks. Not anything irritating which may put off your readers!

LinkInTxt refers to direct links to your advertiser’s target pages which are embedded within the existing content of your page using your advertiser’s preferred keywords. These provide a dual benefit for the advertisers by offering a highly relevant backlink to the advertiser’s site and the benefit of direct traffic from those who click the hyperlinked advertisement and are re-directed to the advertiser’s site.

And did I mention that these are just the tip of the iceberg? There are many more products offered so you just have to check them out yourselves here.

LinkWorth offers very high payouts when compared to others. If you help refer qualified customers to them, you can also get a cool $50 bonus from them. Of course, to qualify for the payout, your referral customer must reach a specified threshold (currently $100) before they can be considered an active affiliate.

To put it succinctly, if you want to grow that wallet of yours, LinkWorth's worth a think and a link!

Choose Your Prize - iPod Video Nano Or $100?

Written by Erz on Friday, November 02, 2007

Another fantastic contest is under way. Good to start the month on this note! Browie is sharing some of his proceeds from his Problogger win by holding this contest on his personal blog. All you need to do for 1 entry is to post a comment in his contest article. Get another 2 entries into the contest by blogging about his blog and contest with a link to his blog using the anchor text “Personal Blog” and one link to the contest article using whatever phrase you want. Then drop him an email to let him know that you've entered and you're all set. What's more, he is giving the winner the choice of either a 4GB iPod Video Nano or $100 via Paypal! Check out his contest article for full details!

Contest ends 15th November 2007 and Browie will pick the winner on video. So what's stopping you?

Latest updates: Browie has made some amendments to his contest. The iPod prize will only be available to entrants from US, Canada and UK. Other international entrants, though, will be able to win the $100 Paypal prize.

P.S. Do check out his cute little bundle of joy, Isabelle while you're there!

First Contest At Yeepage

Written by Erz on Thursday, November 01, 2007

And so the contest bandwagon goes rolling on...It's great to see so many blog contests coming up. Keep it going folks. And I'll do my part in trying to promote them! So our latest first contest holder is Simon at Yeepage. The first method of getting a shot at the prizes is to comment in his contest post. Does it get any easier than that? His contest rules are as follows:

-Any spam comments will be removed from my posts.
-For every 100 comments the prize money increase by $10.
-200 Comments I’ll PayPal $20, for 300 Comments I’ll PayPal $30, for 400 Comments I’ll PayPal $40, for 500 Comments I’ll PayPal $50 you get the idea.
-Example: On the 20th Dec 2007, I have a total of 452 comments Iwill give the prize to the person who wrote the 400th comment, likewise if Ii get 699 comments I will give the prize to the person who wrote the 600th comment. So basically the higher the comments the more I pay…. So make me broke for Christmas.
-Winner needs to do short write up with proof of payment, after contest closes with a link back to his contest page.

Bloggers who write about his contest in around 100 words and put links back to the contest post and to his homepage like what I've done get a shot at an additional $40, to be drawn randomly i.e. via a lucky draw system. Remember to email to to inform him once you've done so. The prizes for this contest are quite good so do head down to give Simon your full support.

Contest ends 20th December 2007. Check out the contest post for full details.

Win Up To $100 With NSpeaks

Written by Erz on Thursday, November 01, 2007

The first contest trend continues - with Navjot of NSpeaks giving away $100 to be paid by Paypal. Cool - it's good to see so many bloggers offering their own contests! And the rules to enter are quite simple as well.

All you need to do for the first contest is to blog about the contest in about 100 words and include the 2 links Navjot has given - the first is a link to his homepage and the second is a link to the contest post. The winner will get $50 via Paypal. Check out his contest post here for the full details.

In the second contest, you will need to subscribe to his RSS feed and in any of the posts between 25th and 30th November, you will see a unique text code in the feed. Email that code to him and you get your entry - the prize is another $50 via Paypal.

For both contests, winners will be drawn randomly and if you're lucky, you can even win both of them. And Navjot's also giving a free backlink even to non-winners in the post where he announces the results. So no one gets left out! Don't wait any longer. Get down there before the contest ends on 30th November, 6.30pm IST.

$100 Contest By Making Sales Making Money

Written by Erz on Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Making Sales Making Money is having another of their smashing contests with a $100 cash prize up for grabs. This time they are teaming up with Contest Blogger to do so.

What you have to do:
Link back to the Making Sales Making Money homepage using the anchor text home based business opportunities. Then link back to the Contest Blogger homepage using the anchor text sweepstakes and you’re in. You can also get another entry in the contest by subscribing to the Making Sales Making Money RSS feed. Every blogger who enters this contest will also get a free PR5 backlink from Contest Blogger when the contest ends. So check out all the full details at their contest post here.

Contest ends 3rd December. Remember to inform Contest Blogger of your entry and you may soon be the random winner of $100 via Paypal.

Win A Sony Photo Printer

Written by Erz on Wednesday, October 31, 2007 is a travel blog which chronicles Pedro and Grace’s adventures as they travel the world while maintaining their businesses at the same time. You can find interesting videos and photos of all sorts of places there. What a lucky couple, I must say. Killing two birds with one stone!

And they're now giving away a cool Sony photo printer! All you need to do is to blog about and include a link to it. That's all. Email the contest post to your friends and get more entries. Check out full details at their contest post.

Win $10 With Sohan Tanna

Written by Erz on Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Yet another new blog is having a contest. This time it is Sohan Tanna who will be giving away $10 via Paypal to a random winner just for writing why you like his blog plus a direct link to Sohan Tanna. So easy! Go give him some support. Check out his contest post here.

I like the Sohan Tanna blog as it's nice and easy to the eyes with the minimalistic design and blue-white theme. It's also got a stylish logo and a catchy tagline - "The future's bright". This is perfectly in line with his focus in providing some money-making tips. While it's still early days for Sohan, I think the contest augurs well and certainly if he keeps on dishing out these contests and some useful tips, the future will certainly be bright for the Sohan Tanna blog! Go give him some link love!

Win Free Hosting From Steps And Tips

Written by Erz on Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Steps and Tips is a new blog which is having a whopper of a contest at the moment. Up for grabs is 1000 mb hosting, 30,000 mb bandwidth, PHP, Mysql, 2 FTP and more with lifetime validity! All you need to do is to write a comment or a review on why you like his blog and the best comment and review will win the free hosting. Contest ends today, 31st October, 9pm IST so hurry down there!

For me, I like the simplistic design of the Steps and Tips blog. There are lots of free spaces and what sets it apart from other blogs is the absence of any ads. Good for you! Steps and Tips covers a wide range of topics and seeks to let its readers know of the latest developments on the Internet. He even has a medicine category where he shares his experience in curing himself of asthma without using an inhaler. Nice and inspirational. But what is best about this blog is the unique content it puts out. I do love the post about how to use a headphone as a microphone. Whacky! I never knew that. Putting more of these interesting posts will surely draw more people to visit his blog. Keep that going Prathik!

The Ghillie Suit Clothing Contest

Written by Erz on Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ghillie Suit Clothing is holding a great contest where you can win a $100 gift card just by mentioning that they have great Ghillie Suits at their online store.

The winner can choose the gift card from the following stores:
-Best Buy
-Home Depot

So check out
their contest post for the full details! Contest ends 15th November.


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