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Written by Erz on Saturday, November 03, 2007

Narendra S.V, the author of, is having his first major contest after bagging $2500 from Congrats! To celebrate his win, Narendra will be giving away an eye-catching $700 worth of prizes to bloggers who do a review of his website. Check out the list of prizes below:

First-place prize:
$180 worth one year free Category listing in as a Featured Link from (Alexa Rank: 1,499)
$111 usd via paypal from
$25 worth of one image adspot with 100×100px @

Second-place prize:
$155 worth of Pro Adsense SEO Guide E-book form (Alexa Rank: 99,327)
$50 worth 468×60px image adspot for one month in

Third-place prize:
$60 worth of one image adspot with 120×120px for one month in
$50 worth Pro Web Designing ebook from

Fourth-place prize:
1 year free hosting from
$25 worth image adspot of 100×100px @

Additional prizes:
$25 worth of Google Adwords Coupon (for one lucky winner)
$50 worth of Text-Link-Ads in for 5 lucky drawn winner (one for each)

The rules for the contest, which he has modified to make it easier to enter, are as follows:

Rules and Regulations:
The contest starts from October 8th 2007 & ends on November 24th 2007 and the winners are announced on November 28th 2007.
1) All blogs are allowed to participate except Porn and warez blogs.
2) The review must be 250 - 300 word post on any category.
3) Also let your readers know about the author of is narendra.s.v and link to this contest page.
4) To participate, please comment at
the contest post along with your post’s permanent link!
5) The prize’s image ad spots formats allowed are PNG, GIF, JPG only!
6) Your review must stay as long as your blog lives!
7) All sponsors, team and family members of are NOT allowed to participate.
8) Your review must be submitted @
9) You must add the coded links found on
the contest post @ the bottom of your review without any modification.

Please check out the contest post for full details and the latest rules (in case he has made any further amendments).

On to the review, is a website on technology, gadgets, Web 2.0 and much more – it covers quite a sizeable range of topics, including one of my favorite topics on making money and even topics related to health! With the breadth of topics, you’ll probably be able to find something down there which interests you. It is commendable that there is a relatively high frequency of postings on a myriad range of topics. A caveat is that the broad range of topics may come across as not very focused and may also make it difficult for the author of the site to build depth for each category.

The website has a nice, “designy” kind of look and is very well monetized with its three-column layout and lots of ads. One note of caution here, not everyone likes a site full of ads so one thing I could suggest for improvement is to reduce the clutter somewhat to avoid what I call “visual overload” on the part of visitors.

Of course, the making money section is one which greatly interests me. Narendra has created an interesting wordpress plugin called the Customized Random Top Ads Plugin which you can use to keep 6 different google products or other referral links at the top of your blog and these are rotated randomly when the page is loaded or when the visitor clicks on the “Next Tip” link at the top. He’s also got an article with some good tips on how to improve the link popularity of your site. Again, to be brutally honest, while I enjoyed the posts in this category, the section is crying out for more articles and in order to become a “sticky” website for me, I think there needs to be a reduction in scope while improving the depth of certain categories.

Thanks Narendra for submitting your contest to me! Go give him some support!

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