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Contact Form Removed From Bottom Of Pages

Written by Erz on Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hi everyone, just to let all of you know, I've removed the "Contact Me" contact form from the bottom of every page. While my initial intention was to make it easily accessible for readers, I realized through the Christmas Paradise Contest that a lot of you were sending me your comments not via the required comments form but via my contact form, even after I added much clarification and links. You have my apologies for this unintended consequence as I agree that having the contact form so close to a post does result in a little confusion, especially since my comments form is via the link called "Something to say?" and is thus not so obvious.

Anyway, you can now access the contact form via the "Contact" link on the top right hand of every page. I hope this reduces the confusion. If you haven't submitted your entries to the Christmas Paradise Contest via the comments form at the contest post, do post a comment there before the contest ends (in less than 3 days time!) as I can only track entries from there.

Good luck and keep those entries coming in!

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