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Fill Your Pockets To The Brim With LinkWorth

Written by Erz on Friday, November 02, 2007

LinkWorth is a premier portal for search engine marketing. It has a myriad range of offerings for both advertisers and affiliates or partners alike.

So how can you amass wealth by using LinkWorth? Can blogging boost your finances? Of course it can! As a blogger like me, you can join the partner scheme. They have a whole host of partner products available which you can utilize. I have highlighted a few of the products in their partner’s suite below:

These are basically text-based advertisements which link directly to an advertiser’s targeted landing page. These are unobtrusive and you have the freedom to determine how many ads you want to host and where exactly.

A LinkPost is a paid blog post written by a blogger within the Linkworth community. As you know, blogs have quite a phenomenal viral effect especially if they’re frequently updated with content which appeals to their readers.

These are simply in-content pay-per-click ads which are embedded directly into an advertiser’s preferred keyword strings and look just like hyperlinks. Not anything irritating which may put off your readers!

LinkInTxt refers to direct links to your advertiser’s target pages which are embedded within the existing content of your page using your advertiser’s preferred keywords. These provide a dual benefit for the advertisers by offering a highly relevant backlink to the advertiser’s site and the benefit of direct traffic from those who click the hyperlinked advertisement and are re-directed to the advertiser’s site.

And did I mention that these are just the tip of the iceberg? There are many more products offered so you just have to check them out yourselves here.

LinkWorth offers very high payouts when compared to others. If you help refer qualified customers to them, you can also get a cool $50 bonus from them. Of course, to qualify for the payout, your referral customer must reach a specified threshold (currently $100) before they can be considered an active affiliate.

To put it succinctly, if you want to grow that wallet of yours, LinkWorth's worth a think and a link!

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