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$100 Contest By Making Sales Making Money

Written by Erz on Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Making Sales Making Money is having another of their smashing contests with a $100 cash prize up for grabs. This time they are teaming up with Contest Blogger to do so.

What you have to do:
Link back to the Making Sales Making Money homepage using the anchor text home based business opportunities. Then link back to the Contest Blogger homepage using the anchor text sweepstakes and you’re in. You can also get another entry in the contest by subscribing to the Making Sales Making Money RSS feed. Every blogger who enters this contest will also get a free PR5 backlink from Contest Blogger when the contest ends. So check out all the full details at their contest post here.

Contest ends 3rd December. Remember to inform Contest Blogger of your entry and you may soon be the random winner of $100 via Paypal.

Win A Sony Photo Printer

Written by Erz on Wednesday, October 31, 2007 is a travel blog which chronicles Pedro and Grace’s adventures as they travel the world while maintaining their businesses at the same time. You can find interesting videos and photos of all sorts of places there. What a lucky couple, I must say. Killing two birds with one stone!

And they're now giving away a cool Sony photo printer! All you need to do is to blog about and include a link to it. That's all. Email the contest post to your friends and get more entries. Check out full details at their contest post.

Win $10 With Sohan Tanna

Written by Erz on Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Yet another new blog is having a contest. This time it is Sohan Tanna who will be giving away $10 via Paypal to a random winner just for writing why you like his blog plus a direct link to Sohan Tanna. So easy! Go give him some support. Check out his contest post here.

I like the Sohan Tanna blog as it's nice and easy to the eyes with the minimalistic design and blue-white theme. It's also got a stylish logo and a catchy tagline - "The future's bright". This is perfectly in line with his focus in providing some money-making tips. While it's still early days for Sohan, I think the contest augurs well and certainly if he keeps on dishing out these contests and some useful tips, the future will certainly be bright for the Sohan Tanna blog! Go give him some link love!

Win Free Hosting From Steps And Tips

Written by Erz on Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Steps and Tips is a new blog which is having a whopper of a contest at the moment. Up for grabs is 1000 mb hosting, 30,000 mb bandwidth, PHP, Mysql, 2 FTP and more with lifetime validity! All you need to do is to write a comment or a review on why you like his blog and the best comment and review will win the free hosting. Contest ends today, 31st October, 9pm IST so hurry down there!

For me, I like the simplistic design of the Steps and Tips blog. There are lots of free spaces and what sets it apart from other blogs is the absence of any ads. Good for you! Steps and Tips covers a wide range of topics and seeks to let its readers know of the latest developments on the Internet. He even has a medicine category where he shares his experience in curing himself of asthma without using an inhaler. Nice and inspirational. But what is best about this blog is the unique content it puts out. I do love the post about how to use a headphone as a microphone. Whacky! I never knew that. Putting more of these interesting posts will surely draw more people to visit his blog. Keep that going Prathik!

The Ghillie Suit Clothing Contest

Written by Erz on Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ghillie Suit Clothing is holding a great contest where you can win a $100 gift card just by mentioning that they have great Ghillie Suits at their online store.

The winner can choose the gift card from the following stores:
-Best Buy
-Home Depot

So check out
their contest post for the full details! Contest ends 15th November.

Three Cheers For The Rookie

Written by Erz on Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Rookie Blogger is having his first contest to get a bit of traffic going on his blog. This is an easy contest where you can either post a comment or give him some link love.

You can also do both to get 2 entries. There will be a $50 cash prize via Paypal to the random winner. Contest ends 30th November. Get up and get going! Check out his contest post for the full details.

Blog Paradise Updates

Written by Erz on Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Contact Form - You can contact me at [tectra at gmail dot com]. Do provide your name, email and enquiry/comment.

Sponsor A Contest - I welcome sponsors who would like to sponsor a contest here. It is great publicity for you as you can reach out to bloggers and non-bloggers who visit this blog. If you are interested, please contact me using the contact form with all your details.

Search - In response to some feedback, I have added a search bar so you can find the contest posts you want by just keying in a key word. Thank you once again to all who have contacted me with your suggestions.

Blog Paradise - New Look But Same Great Content

Written by Erz on Sunday, October 28, 2007

Barely a month since its launch, Blog Paradise has had its first blog makeover. This is in response to suggestions from quite a few readers. I would like to thank all of those who have contacted me with your constructive comments and suggestions. As I have mentioned in previous posts, my focus at the moment is to put out the best and latest content on blog contests and more for my readers. I'm glad to say that has not changed (Blog Paradise has gone past the 60 posts mark in less than a month!) but I hope this blog makeover will improve the aesthetics somewhat. Of course, I wouldn't mind a professional blog redesign if I'm offered one. In any case, Blog Paradise will continue to put out contests which you will want to take part in. So remember your daily dose of paradise!

Spreadshirt’s Marketplace Safari Contest

Written by Erz on Saturday, October 27, 2007

Spreadshirt Marketplace is holding a great contest to give away 50 prizes worth $45 each. If there are more than 50 posts, winners will be drawn randomly. Spreadshirt Marketplace basically produces customized T-Shirts. Winners of the contest will be issued a coupon to redeem a product of their choice from the marketplace. The 3 best articles will get a $70 coupon each. All you need to do to enter is to browse the Spreadshirt Marketplace, choose a design you like and blog about it with a link to it. You may also provide feedback about the marketplace if you like. Contest ends 31st October so hurry. Check out the full details here.

For me, I really like the dirt bike design by xpressyourself as it looks quite slick and stylish and I happen to like bikes myself. Wearing a shirt with something you like printed on it will certainly help brighten your day, which I’m sure the great people at Spreadshirt Marketplace would love to do. Do support them by grabbing a few of your favorite tees while you're there!

OneBuckWiki Debt Page Contest

Written by Erz on Thursday, October 25, 2007

The debt page at OneBuckWiki is having a review contest where the best reviewer will earn a cool $25. This contest closes soon on 27th October so enter soon!

It is still early days at OneBuckWiki but the debt page already has some good content videos. I especially enjoyed Dave Ramsey's videos on how to become debt free. The debt page at OneBuckWiki also highlights the problem of debt from credit cards, which is quite common nowadays. The videos provide good informational content but to make the page more interesting, perhaps there could be some case examples of unique situations involving debt - plus some images or cartoons perhaps and maybe a commentary from the page owner. Another topic which could be considered is the rise of debt advice companies. Overall, it is a good start for the debt page and we will be looking forward to some more riveting content on the page in time to come.

OneBuckWiki – Don’t Miss The Boat!

Written by Erz on Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Have you missed out on the phenomenon called OneBuckWiki or simply OBW? Don’t fret as you can still head over there and give Max and his team some support – they really deserve it. This is a very promising investment opportunity for a very low outlay – only $10 at the moment per page (and this was $1 per page just a few days ago). The reason for the jump in price is because they have sold 1,000 pages already. And in only a matter of days! So if you’ve missed out on the $1 pricing, you don’t want to miss out on the $10 pricing as the price will increase when 2,000 pages have been sold and so on. You get the page for the lifetime of the site (at least 15 years) and you can put your own content on it as long as you meet the guidelines set by the creators. You can resell the page at any time at any price – why, some people are already selling their wiki pages on eBay! So head on down to OneBuckWiki to buy your page today!

And there is one more piece of good news for me to announce – Blog Paradise is officially a new wiki term. Check out the wiki page created especially for Blog Paradise. I believe we are one of the first blogs to register their blog name as a wiki term! So history in the making! Go make history for yourself and head over there now!

To Spain With Love

Written by Erz on Wednesday, October 24, 2007

If you’ve worked yourself to the bone, it’s time to relax and take a trip to beautiful Spain. Spain is an extremely beautiful and romantic country and you wouldn’t want to miss out on some attractions there:

Torre de Bujaco or simply The Bujaco Tower is an awesome landmark. Standing at 25 meters, it has also been called the “New Tower” or the “Watch Tower”. This exotic Arabic tower was once under Muslim control and its name is derived from Caliph Abú-Ya’qub, whose troops conquered the city way back in 1173. Another attraction is Muralla de Avila, which means “city walls of Avila”. Situated in Avila, which is the highest city in Spain, Muralla de Avila is a whopping 2,526 meters in longitude. You’ll want to spend more than a day there so do check out the hotels in spain when planning for your trip.

After a quick rest in one of the hotels in barcelona, be on your way to Sagrada Familia, which is one of Barcelona’s most popular tourist spots. This basilica by Antoni Gaudi is one sight you won’t forget very soon. La Boqueria hosts one of the oldest markets of its kind in Europe. The huge array of fresh produce is sure to captivate anyone. The Gorthic quarter or Barri Gòtic is at the center of Barcelona and has many small streets lined with shops.

Next, head to the capital of Spain, Madrid. Check out the finest masterpieces in the largest art gallery in the world – Prado museum. Then enjoy the flora and fauna at the Botanic Gardens. Finally, experience what it is like to be a king by visiting the Royal Palace before resting for the night in one of the posh hotels in madrid.

Waterproof Memo Boards Contest

Written by Erz on Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Waterproof Memo Boards is holding a blogging contest where you could be a winner. There are 3 cash prizes via Paypal - $25, $10 or $5 up for grabs. All you need to do is to write a review of the site in no less than 100 words, put the required links and let them know to enter. Contest ends 30th November. Check out the full details at their contest page.

Waterproof Memo Boards is basically a website by a UK company which promotes the product that they sell - a waterproof memo board (as the title of the website indicates!). There is also an option to buy online and international shipping is provided at no extra cost. It is a simple site which gets down to the point quickly and gives you what you want to know - such as some of the uses of the memo board for different types of customers and for different purposes. There are also tips on how to attach the memo board. The ease of finding information would probably be welcomed by visitors. Perhaps a section on customer reviews could be a helpful addition in the future.

Win Your Favorite Bargain At The Bargain Queens!

Written by Erz on Monday, October 22, 2007

Sara at The Fashion and Beauty Bargain Queens is having a great giveaway. Just write about your favorite bargain(s) of the month on her site, link to her site, let her know and you get a chance to win one of your favorites. Contest ends 31st October so enter now!

Check out the contest post here.

This could be a fabulous gift for the lovely lady in my life. My favorite bargain would be the sterling silver envelope pendant – I know this would look great on her. I won’t mind the blue topaz & enamel silver ring either!

Win $50 At Egg Donation

Written by Erz on Monday, October 22, 2007

Andrea at Egg Donation, a health blog, is having an awesome contest to share some of her winnings from Problogger’s giveaway – what a lucky lady! All you need to do is to write a blog post with a minimum of 100 words and link back to her egg donation blog with the required anchor text. After that, drop a comment at her contest post with the link to your blog post and you’re in the running for a fantastic $50 in cash via Paypal.

You can also get a chance to win a free 1-year text link in her sidebar if you subscribe to her RSS feed. All winners will be drawn randomly. Contest ends 25th November.

So you’ve got lots of time to start writing!

Five Dollar Wiki Contest

Written by Erz on Sunday, October 21, 2007

I must confess I am a fan of both OneBuckWiki and FiveDollarWiki! And there's an amazing contest going on there. If you're not already aware, FiveDollarWiki is a community of entrepreneurs, web marketers, and normal people like you and me who want to use the Internet to promote their businesses, blogs, websites etc and benefit from the collective traffic generated in the process.

For just $5 (at the moment that is), you can own a webpage for the life of the site - that is a guaranteed 15 years and maybe even longer. You can have your own content on the site - you decide!

And because the price of the pages go up for every thousand pages the creators sell, you are investing as well. Although there are quite a few similar projects out there, I'm recommending this as the downside is so small. If this takes off (and the signs are good, thanks to the hard work of Max and company), you're going to be able to sell your pages for a lot more. Even if it doesn't, you lose just a couple of dollars - not much risk if you ask me.

Furthermore, FiveDollarWiki is now giving away $500 worth of pages on FiveDollarWiki to a random winner who blogs about it. And our friends at FiveDollarWiki are so generous that they're even giving away $20 in FiveDollarWiki pages to bloggers just for entering the contest so everyone's a winner. So head down to their blog for more details to enter. Do also check out the blog at OneBuckWiki for more goodies as well.

Review: Discount Codes

Written by Erz on Saturday, October 20, 2007

If you’re an online shopaholic, you’ll probably have used discount codes to get a great bargain when you do your web purchases. But with so many stores, it may be hard to find the discount code you want. Enter Discount Codes, an online website which does the hard work for you by collating a lot of these promo codes and then categorising them according to company or category so that it is easy for online shoppers to sniff out the relevant voucher codes they require with relative ease. Best of all, Discount Codes keep these discount vouchers up to date, meaning you won’t find an expired code there. They have also listed all the latest codes on their main page so you won’t miss the most recent ones as well. Moreover, they also have obtained exclusive codes which you can only get when visiting them. So if you’re a savvy web shopper, you’d want to save those pennies by heading down to Discount Codes today!

By the way, Web Affiliate Marketing Blog is having a contest in relation to this, so check out their contest post and enter by 31st December to get a chance to win one of five limited edition Monopoly games.

Top Hosting Center Contest

Written by Erz on Saturday, October 20, 2007

Top Hosting Center is having a contest which will certainly interest bloggers like me who do not have their own domain address. All you have to do to enter is to write an original entry on your blog debating the importance of owning your own domain. The 3 prizes offered are as follows:

First place wins: one Top Hosting Special plan free for a year – with one free domain included.
Second and third places win: one Hosting Mega Plan 1 free for a year each (valued at $3.95 per month).

Contest ends 15th November so you have a lot of time to enter. Check out the details here.

For me, it would really help a great deal to own my own domain since I blog mainly about blog contests which my viewers can enter. If I had my own domain name which had the words ‘blog contest’ somewhere in there, it would be much easier for anyone to find, so viewership would be better. This could also mean more entries to these contest hosts so they benefit as well. Also, it would certainly project a more credible image. Best of all, I would not have to put up with all the limitations and quirks of a free domain. That will leave me free to exercise my creativity in presenting the best content and aesthetically pleasing format for my viewers. So here’s to my own domain (hopefully)!

$200 Cash Giveaway

Written by Erz on Friday, October 19, 2007

Make Money Online is holding a contest to give away $100 cash via PayPal or Western Union if you post the 1000th comment on his blog and another $100 cash via PayPal or Western Union to a random winner if you blog about the contest and/or his blog.

Your post must be a minimum of 20 words and you must leave a comment on the contest post.

Contest ends once the 1,000th comment is posted. Check out the contest post for more details.

Win a Sony Vaio Laptop

Written by Erz on Friday, October 19, 2007

Snoopy With the Zee is having a sizzling contest. This is part of his project to get himself a new Mini Cooper, which involves him selling ad spots on the car surface of the Mini Cooper. Interesting!

In relation to this, he is having a Get Me A Mini contest to encourage people to purchase the ad spots. When all ad spots are sold out or if at least 40 are sold by April 2009, he will draw a winner for a $2,000 Sony Vaio laptop. There are several ways to enter this contest so check out the full contest details here.

To give him a helping hand, check out the Get Me A Mini web page with all the details on how you can purchase the ad spots.

Free Blog Makeover Contest

Written by Erz on Friday, October 19, 2007

John Cow is holding a contest to give away a free blog makeover, sponsored by weborithm. To enter, all you need to do is to blog on why you think your blog deserves a makeover. Remember, the post must be a minimum of 200 words and you can link back to the contest post and weborithm. Contest ends 31st October.

For me, I think my blog deserves a makeover as it is a new blog and I haven’t had the time to come up with a really great design for the blog. As you can see, I’ve been concentrating on building up content and trying to increase viewership so the blog design is rather dull and drab. I’m sure that weborithm can change that if I were to win this – it would certainly be a treat for my viewers and also great publicity for weborithm if viewers could be greeted with a gorgeous blog design plus the latest in content which I’m putting my efforts into at the moment. The main focus of my blog is on getting the latest and most worthwhile blog contests to those who visit the site. As you can tell, despite the many posts, I do not include every single blog contest out there. I only include those which are relatively easy to enter and/or with relatively good prizes on display. So I’ve already filtered out those contests with too many terms and conditions to enter while only offering a meager prize such as a hair clip or a bookmark. That’s how this blog differs from the multitude of contest blogs out there. With a makeover, the refreshing look will add to the pleasure for viewers of the site, even as they pick out juicy details about the latest and best contests – so it will be double the pleasure!

Amazing 5,000 Business Cards Giveaway by YGG & Orange32

Written by Erz on Friday, October 19, 2007

YGG and Orange32 are having a smashing contest. They will be giving away 5,000, yes 5,000 business cards to a lucky blogger who writes the best post (as judged by them) about business cards and links back to the contest post and to the Orange32’s website. Contest ends 19th October so hurry if you’re keen.

I’m a little late on this but better late than never. What’s so interesting about a business card? I’ve always been fascinated with the innovative business cards that people come up with. Here are a few tips I gathered from some of these ‘eccentric’ card twisters on how to make your business card stand out (disclaimer: I won’t be responsible if you lose all your clients this way!):-

If nobody knows what the position listed on your card means, you’ve succeeded. One guy called himself ‘King of wonderland’. He was a welfare officer.

Don’t go with the flow – be creative. I once got a card which was totally blank except for the words in fine print – see overleaf. On the back was just a website address. Crappy you might say but I was curious and checked out his website which had his full CV on it. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.

Everyone’s a CEO now. Call yourself a CEO like it’s a generic term. I saw a guy who had CEO and in very small print – office management – basically just an office assistant.

Make em’ 3-D. Talking about birthday cards, I saw a business card which looked like one – three dimensional – really eye-catching.

Have sound! I’ve not seen one but a friend suggested that you include a small audio chip to the card which plays back the details on the card when you press it – great for the handicapped as well.

So if you’re up for it, throw away your old-fashioned business cards and get your creative juices flowing!

$111 Cash Awaits Winner of Group Writing Contest

Written by Erz on Thursday, October 18, 2007

Yay, yet another contest folks!

Rishi at is having a superb group writing contest. All you need to do is to blog in English on this topic: “How I see my blog after one year from today“. Remember to link to his contest post and post a comment on his blog with your entry link. He will select the best write-up and send him or her $111 cash through Paypal and a free review of his or her blog. The second and third prize winners will bag prizes worth $100. Enough incentive? Contest ends 10th November. Lots of time to start blogging! Check out his contest post for more details.

As for me, I've got a new blog here and as you may have observed, I'm concentrating on putting more content first. Hence the rather drab design and theme. I have already improved the layout and formatting of the blog since its inception but I'm going to focus my efforts in the initial months mainly to build up my content and viewership and then once that is going well, I can then focus on enhancing the aesthetics of the blog. So in a nutshell, my blog in a year will hopefully be one which is rich in content, aesthetically pleasing, attracting a sizeable viewership and maybe, if all goes well, offering a $111 cash prize for a first anniversary contest! Great minds think alike, Rishi?

Debt-finitely Debt-free

Written by Erz on Thursday, October 18, 2007

As mentioned in my previous posts on the importance of reputable debt advice, you may be asking which company you can try out. There are certainly a lot of choices available for you. In the UK, Debt Free Direct has developed the Best Advice Model (BAM) to assist people in finding effective debt solutions.

The BAM makes use of sophisticated methods to present the most appropriate and also the least drastic courses of action for those who approach them for debt advice. What’s more, the advice is offered free and is held in strict confidence. Debt Free Direct only offers what it feels is the appropriate course of action relating to an individual’s present situation. Moreover, it does not impose its ideas on any individual. Any decision is left to the individual to make at his or her sole discretion and there is no obligation for the person to utilize any of Debt Free Direct’s paid services.

With no obligations imposed and with its reputation as one of the leading debt advice companies in UK, Debt Free Direct is well-poised to provide unbiased and useful solutions to those struggling with debt problems.

Remember, don’t suffer alone. Get advice if you need it. Help is just a call away.

Win Big With BAYB & Bidvertiser

Written by Erz on Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blog About Your Blog and their contest sponsors Bidvertiser are running a great contest at the moment. All you need to do to enter is to subscribe to their RSS feed and make a comment on their blog stating that you have done so. Alternatively, you can blog about the contest with the 2 required links and that counts as two entries. Contest ends 29th October midnight PST time.

The mouth-watering prizes are as follows:
• First Place: 100$ cash via paypal from Bidvertiser
• Second Place: 50$ cash from Bidvertiser
• Third Place: 50$ cash from Bidvertiser
• Fourth Place: A full website review by Adsense Tracker on that blog
• Fifth Place: Your blog will be featured on A Links Blog - A Links Blog provides free links for all bloggers

Check out the contest post here. Start entering and winning!

An Easy $100 Up For Grabs

Written by Erz on Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Contest Beat is having yet another contest and this time, he is giving away a cool $100 in cold hard cash to a random winner. And it can’t get much simpler to enter his contest.

All you need to do is to blog about his contest and link back to both the contest post and his homepage and you’re in. You can also link back to his site in your blogroll and you get an entry as well. Do both and you’ve got double the chance of winning.

What’s stopping you? This can’t take more than a couple of minutes so get to work and dance to the beat!

Do Cufflinks Make a Difference?

Written by Erz on Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cufflinks are decorative fasteners worn to hold together link cuffs on formal shirts or blouses.

While good to have, in this age where everyone virtually moves at the speed of lightning, time is of the essence and cufflinks may be regarded as a bother. After all, there are many button-down shirts available in the market, which are so much easier and faster to handle.

Notwithstanding that argument, cufflinks do add a touch of class to your shirt. This is especially so when they are purchased form well-established and renowned companies known for their fine quality. Some of these exquisitely designed cufflinks are works of art by themselves.

In projecting a good image of oneself, it is helpful to add that touch of class to what you are wearing. This is more so if it means helping you to look and behave more confidently.

So don’t undermine the difference a few classy cufflinks can make to your dressing and demeanor.

Review: Forge a New (Human) Way of Lending with Zopa

Written by Erz on Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Who doesn’t want a cheap loan? Social lending is a new phenomenon which is creating quite a storm in the world. Borrowing and lending among friends has been going on for ages. The only difference is that this time, the money is moving among people who may not know one another and also that interest is involved. To the lender, it is another way of saving. To the borrower, it is a reasonable loan. What’s more, the interest a borrower pays is less than what a bank would charge one for a loan (as the middleman’s fee is saved).

Zopa is the pioneer in this field. While Zopa takes a small commission, this is less than what a bank would normally charge. What I feel is the greatest catalyst for this phenomenon is not just the benefits reaped through cheaper loans for borrowers and higher interest rates for lenders. It is the human element involved. I do know some people who are indignant at the widening gap between the rich and the poor. They are frustrated that huge corporations make so much every day while the poor have to battle just to get through the day alive.

Hence, knowing that they are benefitting some individual like themselves rather than a billionaire who is ferried in a limousine acts as a driving force to go the Zopa way or what some may call – the human way!

OneBuckWiki Giveaway!

Written by Erz on Tuesday, October 16, 2007

OneBuckWiki is having a contest to give away 10 free $1 pages to any blogger who writes about it. It’s that simple! The giveaway is limited to the first five commentors on their contest post while supplies last until 1000 pages are sold.

The One Buck Wiki is a community intent on promoting their businesses through the collective traffic generated by page-owners as well as through viral marketing efforts. This is a fantastic idea which hails from the original Five Dollar Wiki creators and enables you to put almost anything you want on the page you buy which is related to the word-page you’ve bought.

The page you buy belongs to you and will have only your content. You can use it to promote your online store, blog or any other website. Plus, you can also resell it later for a profit. After 100 pages are sold, there will be an increase in the price of each page meaning you can sell the pages for more in the future. It’s a great investment for a very low initial outlay and you can keep the pages for the lifetime of the site! They also provide great customer support to ensure that your pages are working well and look good. It's a win-win situation!

So what are you waiting for? Go blog about it and pick up your free pages while stocks last.

Debt – Don’t wait till it is too late!

Written by Erz on Monday, October 15, 2007

It is rather saddening to note that many people wait till it is too late before seeking help when they are faced with financial distress.

One of my buddy’s friends, Bradley, is a classic example. He was quite successful a few years back as a middle manager in a multinational corporation. But he was also a spendthrift, extremely lavish in his ways. I had suspected that he was spending beyond his means. Every time we went out for a meal, he would offer to pay, flashing his numerous credit cards. I have never fully subscribed to the notion of spending what you do not have – which is why I do not carry one.

Alas, good times rarely last long and Bradley’s company had begun scaling down operations in the US as they employed more workers in nearby Mexico. He didn’t face the axe but had to take a sizeable pay-cut to stay on. All of a sudden, the bills began to overwhelm him and bankruptcy was the eventual outcome. He had only panicked and asked for assistance when bankruptcy proceedings were already being filed against him even though we had suggested earlier that he seek debt advice.

As I had mentioned before, choosing the right debt advice company is very important. There are thus risks involved. However, not choosing to seek help when help is needed is closing the possibility of possible financial salvation. Why wait till you are facing bankruptcy before you try to get help? As in Bradley’s case, it may then be a case of too little too late.

Win Revolution WordPress Themes!

Written by Erz on Monday, October 15, 2007

Ian Fernando over at is hosting a contest with some great prizes – 2 Revolution Themes. His site has just undergone its 4th facelift and looks great – though it seems to be packed with quite a lot of stuff. The News Revolution Theme is done by Brian Gardner and is quite cool.

So hesitate no longer, enter to win a fantastic WordPress theme. Contest ends today. Check out the contest details here.

Free Web Hosting Anyone?

Written by Erz on Monday, October 15, 2007

Web Hosts Report is giving away half a year of free web hosting to winners of their weekly draw with no strings attached. To enter, all you need to do is to blog about them – anything will do, and also place a link back to their homepage. Your entry never expires and winners can get a free link from their site as well. Cool!

They are still quite new so the verdict is still out on them but the fact that they are a free public service site definitely makes them more credible. They have a user rank leaderboard which ranks the top web hosts according to various criteria, which should prove useful for those looking for advice in choosing a web host. Check them out today!

Beyond Physical Constraints – Cut Costs For Your Business

Written by Erz on Saturday, October 13, 2007

I have often met friends who have their own businesses who have the following gripe – “It is getting harder and more expensive to hire a worker!” Indeed, many businesses have to cope with more expensive domestic workers and sometimes a lack of suitable local manpower in that particular area. The advances in technology have alleviated this problem somewhat.

Many companies are now hiring foreign employees. But with communication of prime importance between members of a team, how are foreign employees to work in tandem with locals? How are they to conduct meetings with one another? In comes video conferencing. This is nothing new but not all companies have embraced the technology. Some have tried to cut corners with cheap software, only to have it backfire on them with blurred images and choppy sounds – a nightmare!

The host of technical problems which could arise only makes choosing the right video conferencing software all the more crucial. Such software should still be affordable but should accord ease-of-use and reliability to the end user.

Thus, by looking globally for workers, companies can reduce labor costs and through video conferencing, they can hold Internet meetings just as efficiently as physical meetings, the caveat being the need to choose a software package which is both affordable and of high quality.

Driving Safely & Without Worries

Written by Erz on Saturday, October 13, 2007

Do you own a car? Do you drive? Driving is now a mainstay for most families, with most owning at least one vehicle, some even owning several. Driving has become essential to get from place to place, especially in large countries where going to the nearby supermarket may be half and hours drive away. Imagine if you do not own a car!

But driving has its risks. Accidents are happening every single day, in almost every country in the world. And I do not just mean major accidents. Minor crashes could hurt not only the parties involved physically but it could also hurt your wallet. That is why automobile insurance policies are so important to drivers. These help protect the drivers from having to shell out unnecessary sums of money in the event of an accident.

And you don’t even have to pay astronomical sums for such auto insurance plans. A company such as Advantage Auto Quotes offers competitive and affordable auto rates for your car in the United States from all major agencies. It promises to give you the lowest auto liability quote you can find online. So remember to get an insurance policy for your automobile today.

Drive safely and happily!

Why Debt Advice Should Be Free & Impartial

Written by Erz on Saturday, October 13, 2007

Reeling from losses in the stock market? Facing bankruptcy and not knowing who to turn to? In such a situation, more and more people are turning to debt advice companies to reverse their fortunes.

But can you really trust a debt advice company to provide you with the debt solutions which are best for your needs and situation? At the back of your mind, do you not wonder whether these companies are suggesting plans for which they can glean the most profits or something which is truly beneficial for you.

To circumvent all these possible pitfalls, debt advice may best be dispensed by organizations which are not-for-profit. Such advice should be available for free and consultation should be by a counselor who has no vested interest. In this way, the advice given can be impartial and catered solely towards your needs.

Debt management is key to leading a less stressful life so if you’re facing monetary problems, do consider looking for debt advice which is free and impartial. Stay debt-free and happy!

The Philaahzophy Review Contest

Written by Erz on Saturday, October 13, 2007

Philaahzophy is holding his own review contest after pocketing a cool $500 from a recent contest he won. All you need to do is to review his site in 100+ words, including the required links. He will randomly draw an entrant who will win $50. Additionally, he will pick the best review to win $25. What’s more, every review that generates a “blog reaction” link at Technorati will receive $1 via PayPal. Contest ends 17th November.

Philaahzophy is an anarchy money making blog which covers a wide-range of subjects – life in general, business, anarchy, fatherhood, personal finance, contests and more. The posts are full of the author’s own personal experiences and thoughts. Some of them are quite informative and I really like the quotes at the top of each page as well. It’s also good that he has categorized the broad range of topics into many smaller sub-topics or someone interested in a particular topic might have to spend quite a while working their way through stuff they may not be so interested in just to get to the topic. I was surprised to see posts dating back quite a number of years ago, though the posts in the past have not been so frequent. All in all, it’s worth a trip (or should I say click) down to check it out.

Which Shirt Should I Wear For Different Occasions?

Written by Erz on Friday, October 12, 2007

A colleague of mine asked me for advice on which shirt to wear for which occasion. I told him the politically correct answer – it depends. When pressed further, I decided to have a little fun.

I told him with a straight face –
formal shirts can be worn for almost any occasion but mostly to work or to important functions and appointments. They can also be worn when you’re the mafia or if you intend to marry the big boss’ daughter. If you’re unemployed, wear them to a restaurant serving oriental cuisine and you may put one of their waiters out of a job.

Casual shirts can be worn when hanging out with friends, when heading for a little excursion in the countryside or simply when getting a takeaway from the nearby eatery. They should also be worn to your best friend’s wedding (if you think you will fall in love with the bride). They are, however, out of the question when you intend to crash a wedding (dress to impress and don’t forget a tie).

So now you know, get dressed and get going!

P.S. Did I mention that the colleague who tried out my suggestions never talked to me again? Really strange.

Marketing Pilgrim – Why I Read It

Written by Erz on Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why do I read Marketing Pilgrim? This is simple. It is a site which offers a fantastic array of information which is useful to anyone who is interested in internet marketing or online advertising. And you hear it not from an amateur, but from Andy Beal, an internet marketing expert.

It is published by The Pilgrim Network and is jam-packed with the most recent news, thoughts, tips, reviews and more. It is insightful and enriching, especially for those who are looking at monetizing their websites or blogs.

So there’s no better reason than that in getting the latest on internet marketing and online advertising straight from the expert’s mouth (well, not literally)!

One Shirt But Many Looks

Written by Erz on Thursday, October 11, 2007

Did you know that a single shirt can be used for numerous occasions and for different styles? You don’t need to be wearing formal shirts to look casual. Likewise, casual shirts can be used for formal occasions as well. My friend Jason is a bit of a daredevil, I must say. I once told him he was wasting his talent in publishing when he could well be a fashion designer. He is someone who isn’t keen on following the latest fashion trends, nor does he subscribe to any of the styles as prescribed by the fashion gurus. He wears his clothes his way, the Jason Way, as I call it. And he doesn’t spend a fortune on designer labels either. He relies on mixing and matching his clothes.

His shirts are extremely versatile. A nice formal shirt can be tucked out, unbuttoned at some point, matched with a cool jacket or some accessories for a trendy or even heavy-metal look. He also wears casual shirts to work, pairing them with ties and even bow ties. Odd stuff, but his colleagues have accepted him for his uniqueness and some have even joined the bandwagon.

So all that’s needed is to let your creative juices flow and you could not only save quite a bit with your Spartan closet, but also look good at the same time!

Earn Cash Just For Reading Emails?

Written by Erz on Thursday, October 11, 2007

Don't you read emails everyday? Now you can get paid just for reading emails!
Email CashPro will pay you for every email you read!
It's that simple!
Try it for free and get your friends to try it as well. Click here for details!

Looming Trouble For Banks?

Written by Erz on Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Do you lament about the low interest rates that your saving account is providing you with? Are you afraid that your bank may be another Northern Rock? Don’t fret, enter companies such as Zopa, which is a marketplace for social lending. Instead of a bank, an individual intending to reap greater returns from savings can give a loan to another individual in need of the money. Zopa makes this possible with little risk as borrowers are credit-checked and risk-assessed and the money loaned is spread among many borrowers to further decrease the risk element for a lender. The borrower also benefits from a better rate.

Such a win-win situation may spell trouble for banks who may need to find other means to attract customers into putting their money with them. All said, the rise of borrowing and lending communities can only mean good news for lenders and borrowers!

Make Money From Your Website/Blog

Written by Erz on Wednesday, October 10, 2007 is an internet marketing blog by Kieron Donoghue, who is the owner and director of UK Offer Media Ltd, which specialises in making money online through websites and blogs. Many people are creating their own websites and writing blogs but are unsure how to monetize them effectively. If you are one of them, you will definitely want to have a look at Kieron’s site.

It is a great site to find out all the ins and outs of internet marketing, in particular, affiliate marketing as Kieron shares many of his personal experiences and tips in this area. It can be anything from a review on Facebook Flyers to tips on creating key word lists for PPC. This affiliate marketing blog packs a punch and offers some really sincere information which viewers will most likely find useful. So as not to miss a single post, you can subscribe to his RSS feeds. So head down to and make that little step towards maximising the potential of your website or blog!

Back to School Writing Contest - Voting Begins

Written by Erz on Wednesday, October 10, 2007

If you've missed the nostalgic Super Fundraiser Back to School Writing Contest, you've still got a chance to vote for your favorite entries and stand a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate. Deadline is 23rd October 12mn CST.

My vote goes to the Assistance Dogs Go Back to School from Diane Shotwell & Raven. Hurray for the assistance dogs. Other entries I like are Going Back to High School by Veronica and Five Reasons Why I Loved Junior High by Jess.

Hope they win!

Everything you want to know about California, and more! Competition & Review

Written by Erz on Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jeff at Everything you want to know about california, and more! is giving away a cool $50. All you need to do is to write a review of his blog. He will choose the best review and give the reviewer the $50 by paypal. Contest ends 1 November so check out the contest details here!

I found it a really enjoyable blog to read. Jeff has written about many places in California and apart from the narrative, he’s included some of his own personal experiences as well. The content is intriguing and many of the recent posts appear to be in line with the theme of Halloween as Jeff blogs about all the haunted places in California – one of my favorite topics I must say. Not for the faint of heart though! For those who intend to drop by Disneyland on your own, you may want to consider bringing a friend. Check out that post to find out what I mean. The formatting for the blog is simple and littered with nice little pictures (they paint a thousand words). Perhaps a downside is that there do not seem to be any sub-categories so it may be difficult to find a particular post from a topic of interest as more and more posts are added. For instance, instead of naming each post under the topic of haunted places as “Haunted Places: ….”, it may be easier to just put a sub-category “Haunted Places” in the sidebar. Other than that, I would think it is a good start to this relatively new blog!

[Blogodise Finance Focus] The Debt Conundrum

Written by Erz on Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Is debt killing you? Are you worried how to cope with ever increasing expenses and a meager income? Debt is not a new problem, but it seems to be affecting more and more people, and more of these people are younger in age. But how is one going to overcome the seemingly insurmountable problems facing them?

An increasing number of people have turned to debt advice companies to seek a solution to their woes. But one has to be careful here. If you are looking for debt solutions from a less-than-reputable company, some of that advice may be biased, more geared towards raising the profits of the debt advice company. For their poor clients, that would mean even more debt for them.

So while prudence and financial planning are probably good ways to go about the situation, getting advice may be the best option for those who are already heavy in debt and facing the threat of bankruptcy. Just remember to be careful who you seek advice from to avoid making the situation even worse than it already is!

Win $125 Just For Writing 200 Words

Written by Erz on Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Paul B at TheMakeMoneyOnline.Net is having a contest where he will be giving away $125 just for writing about the new ICU software or about child safety online in general. So easy? Am I kidding? Fortunately not. Hurry, contest ends 19 th October and the draw will be on video as well!

ICU stands for Insight into your Childrens Unaccompanied activity and is basically a passive software application which gives you an insight into what your children have been looking at online. There are many dangers which lurk in the online world and as a parent, it is key that you are aware of them so as to protect your child from them. This is especially pertinent in today's IT age, where younger and younger children are exposed to the Internet. Many of them are still too young to discern what or who is right or wrong and it comes down to their parents to take the lead in ensuring that their online experience does not turn into some tragedy. Some of this issues involve dangers such as pornography, cyber bullying, illegal downloads etc. ICU is a form of monitoring instead of blocking and provides you with the information you need about your child's online activities so as to allow you to take the necessary steps to ensure their safety online. It has been designed to be simple enough for the average parent to use so you don't need to be a online whiz to figure it out. Furthermore, the ICU website has a detailed FAQ to answer some of your queries.

So do check out the ICU website today!

Get Paid Just To Surf The Web!

Written by Erz on Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ever thought you could make some money just by surfing the web? Well, with Agloco, you can get paid just for doing what you always do. Amazing isn't it!

What are you waiting for - since you're reading this post, get paid at the same time - you don't even have to change your surfing habits! Check out Agloco's website to earn some extra money!

[Blogodise Grooming Focus] – What does your shirt say about you?

Written by Erz on Monday, October 08, 2007

Picture this: You go for this very important interview feeling ultra confident. You’ve waited for this opportunity for a very long time and are exhilarated when your dream company finally calls you up for an interview. You go in well-prepared, having done more than the required share of research and having consulted all your friends on the tips you need to get the job. However, your interview turns out to be a disaster. When you step into the interview room, you are met by strange condescending stares and a cold attitude by the interviewers. They do not seem very interested in what you say and very soon, you find yourself being ushered out of the room.

Despite all your efforts in preparing for the interview, what might have tripped you up? You are totally baffled. Then it dawns on you. Your shirt! The relic from your dad’s closet was purchased for a couple of pounds from your neighbor’s garage sale. Not that you thought much about that. But you were never a fashion guru, were you? The hard truth – your shirt represents you! I found this out through personal experience – the hard way. Your shirt shows the attitude you take and more subtly, how much the job or company you are interviewing for means to you. A good quality, stylish and smart formal shirt projects a good image of yourself and the company that you represent. The opposite is true as well. If you look good, so does your company! It is no wonder that many interviewers include the image projected as a criterion in selecting a candidate.

And good quality and style does not equate to high price. Established shirt companies such as Van Heusen offer a wide array of formal shirts, casual shirts, ties, cufflinks etc for competitive prices. You are simply spoilt for choice. So before you jump into that important interview, make sure you take a peek in the mirror first so that you don’t let that shirt of yours reduce the chances of winning that dream job!

Digivate's Blog & Win Contest

Written by Erz on Monday, October 08, 2007

Digivate is giving away an iPhone or an iPod touch and $100 Amazon voucher! All you need to do is to blog about a particular topic(s) they give you and include certain links as specified. The entry with the most Diggs wins!

In addition, you can also win the growing BlogPot for the most influential post! The amount of money in the BlogPot will continue to grow – for every entry received, another $5 goes in the pot. The next monthly winner will be announced on 31st October. Entry is free and what’s more, every valid post earns the writer $10 – it’s that simple! So don’t hesitate, participate now!

Post On Contest Blogger's Forum & Win $25

Written by Erz on Monday, October 08, 2007

And the contest furore continues....

Contest Blogger will be giving away $25 just for blogging about his new Contest Blogger Forum and then posting a comment or contest on the forum. Cool!!! Contest ends 15 October. Check it out!

Win $50 With The Stripping Aristologist Contest

Written by Erz on Monday, October 08, 2007

Calling all food lovers! Profitable Productive Blogging is holding a contest The Stripping Aristologist where you can walk away with $50 cash and a bonus prize valued at $25. It is a blog about Profitable Affiliate Marketing. To enter, just guess his favorite gourmet chef. The winner is picked at random from all entries. Furthermore, if the random winner also correctly guesses his favorite Gourmet Chef, he or she will win a bonus prize. Contest ends 15 th October, 4pm CST.

I have got a sweet tooth so I'm going with Paula Deen. So folks, start guessing (or eating)!

Cman's Cognitive Contest

Written by Erz on Monday, October 08, 2007

Hey folks, check out Cman's blog and win! I just love the humor section, especially the The Nun's Solution. Haha! Anyway, check out the giveaway details below:

Cman over at Cman's Cognitive Content is giving away Free Money! All you simply have to do is copy and past this text, including links, follow the link to his blog and leave a comment to the post. That's it! He is giving $1 via Paypal to the first 20 people plus a 2 month Text Ad on his other blog Profitable Productive Blogging to the first 5. The ad link is worth $20! This is Free Money and Free Advertising for a simple copy and paste, and don't forget the comment. Because you need to know what he thinks.

Spread The Word For A Good Cause And Win A Nintendo Wii

Written by Erz on Sunday, October 07, 2007

Do a good deed and win? Yes, you can win a Nintendo Wii by entering this really meaningful contest just by posting the following 2 paragraphs on your site and then informing them by email. Contest ends 4th November.

Ultra-runner Tim Borland is running 63 marathons in 63 days in order to raise funds and awareness for the A-T Children’s Project in their quest for a cure or life-improving therapies for ataxia-telangiectasia (A-T). A-T is a rare, neurodegenerative disease that affects children, giving them the combined symptoms of cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, and cancer. Children with A-T — born seemingly healthy — are usually dependent upon wheelchairs by the age of 10 and often do not survive their teens.

To run with Tim, join a tailgate party, or make a donation, please visit the A-T CureTour website.
There, you can also view the daily video blog produced by filmmakers who are making an independent documentary on the A-T CureTour and enter a contest to Win a Nintendo Wii.
I do urge you to give them your full support by spreading the word around!

Everyone Loves Coupons Is Giving Away A Nintendo Wii

Written by Erz on Sunday, October 07, 2007

Why spend so much when you can save with coupons? Shop online and save galore with coupon codes. What's more, Everybody Loves Coupons is sponsoring a contest where you can win a new Nintendo Wii and other stuff. All you need to do is write about anything related to online coupons, mention and link to Everybody Loves Coupons and include the hotlinked words. So check out his contest site today! Coupons anyone?

WordHugger Contest

Written by Erz on Saturday, October 06, 2007

WordHugger is a micro-investment website which allows people to micro invest in words. You just pay a mere $60 for the use of a keyword page for 10 years. You have the freedom to do almost anything with the webpage such as displaying recent topics, keeping updated information, selling a related product, sending visitors to their existing website, or just by making money through advertisements, links, banners etc displayed on the webpage. You can also contact support if you run into any problems. There’s even a money back guarantee that you’ll make a profit on your investment. What’s also great about the website is that besides helping the developer, Collin, to pay for his college loans, 50% of each sale will be loaned to Kiva. Kiva is a non-profit organization which sends out micro loans to entrepreneurs in different developing countries worldwide. The loans will help thousands of business entrepreneurs receive the micro loan they desperately need to expand their business and become financially independent.

WordHugger is currently running a site review contest where you get a chance to win a $100 cash prize when they sell their 100th word. It will be a random drawing to determine which of the entrants wins the $100 cash prize (no purchase necessary). As what I’ve done, all you need to do is to write briefly what the site does, mentioning that they donate 50% of their profits to Kiva. You must also mention the contest they are running and comment on how great the site is. The post should be at least 200 words. They also have 2 other great contests so do check out their site!

SimplyMoroccan’s Competition

Written by Erz on Saturday, October 06, 2007

SimplyMoroccan is having her first competition which requires entrants to write a text that contains the following words: Babbôr, qrzâz, farâsha, wîlî, and khnôna. It is sponsored by SpeakMoroccan and has 3 great prizes of $50 cash to the winning entries. Contest ends midnight of 12th October so hurry if you want to submit an entry! I thought I’d take up the challenge of a foreign-language competition. Pardon my amateurish entry:

The Story of the Mysterious

Once upon a time, there lived a rich old woman who lived in a fancy mansion on the outskirts of the city. Describing the mansion as luxurious would be an understatement. It overlooked the sea and offered a stunning view of the wide expanse of water, with the faint sound of a babbôr cruising past every now and then. The woman was a mean and grumpy person, a result of years of money-grabbing and back-stabbing in the business world. Her wicked temper and detestable character also made her a loner. A shrewd businesswoman in her younger days, she was extremely qrzâz and had never donated a single cent to charity in her life. One morning, she was pruning the trees in her garden when a farâsha landed on her nose. “Ah-choo!” she sneezed. Rubbing the khnôna from her nose, she muttered, “Wîlî wîlî, where did that irksome insect come from?” Even as she said it, a picture of a poor beggar reaching out for her hand flashed across her mind. She dismissed the sudden thought and continued what she was doing. However, every morning when she came out into the garden, the same farâsha would land on her nose and make her sneeze and she would have the same flashback. Despite trying all means to get rid of it, it would return every morning to pester her without fail. The exasperated old lady even tried on a Phantom of the Opera mask to no effect. She was fortunate that there was no audience to the spectacle or she might have ended up in the local asylum. Finally, she decided to donate some money to the nearby charity. From then on, the mysterious farâsha never returned. Enlightened, the old lady never failed to donate regularly to the poor from then on...

Win A Set Of Noise Isolating Headphones From FiddyP

Written by Erz on Saturday, October 06, 2007

This seems more and more like a contest blog. But hey, paradise means sharing and giving and contests seem to fit the billing. Anyway, FiddyP is generously giving away some awesome Vmoda Vibe headphones which are great at keeping out external noise.

He has also made 3 fabulous wordpress plugins which should prove very useful: The CommentLuv Plugin will visit the feed of the comment author and attempt to scrape the last post the author made and display it under his or her comment. The Stumbleupon Widget will show you the latest 10 stumblers who have given you the thumbs up. The Hello Stumbler Plugin will show a “Thanks for Stumbling” note on top of the post that has been stumbled.

To win the headphones, all you need to do is to post about the contest by FiddyP on your own blog and link to him, mentioning something about the wordpress plugins and then emailing him to inform him of your participation. Contest ends 10th October. So what are you waiting for?

Yentoo Giveaway: $25 Cash

Written by Erz on Friday, October 05, 2007 is a site which gives tips on how to lead a healthy, happy and fulfilled life, surely something which everyone is aiming at achieving. I found the tips on creating a personal development action plan quite useful. You might feel it is time to do something meaningful with your life and you need to start at some point. So the tips found at this site could surely guide you along. Do check it out here.

To add to that, they are giving away $25 in cash just for making a post on your blog with a quick review of, and linking it to their contest post as I've done here and to at least one other page on yentoo. The winner will be randomly drawn on 1st November so do check them out!

Win A 16GB iPod Touch at

Written by Erz on Friday, October 05, 2007

Heya folks, is giving away a 16 GB iPod Touch. The winner will be selected at random on Monday, 12th November. All you need to do is make a post on your website, blog, forum or MySpace page linking back to the article and then leave a comment in the post with the link to the page that you made about the contest. Just like this. Simple? Do check out their site!

The Contest Beat Contest About Contests

Written by Erz on Friday, October 05, 2007

Ah, contest time again. Our friend Matt at Contest Beat is holding his very first contests. Hurray! He's giving away $50 (via Paypal or Amazon gift certificate) to the person who came up with the best prize in his opinion. He's also giving away $50 (via Paypal or Amazon gift certificate) to a randomly selected entrant. First contest ends 15th October. So you've got 2 chances at winning. All you have to do (and this is really simple) is to suggest what you think is the coolest contest prize, with the widest range of appeal, for a giveaway. It must cost US$100 or under and be able to be sent almost anywhere in the world from where you buy it. Blog or write about it on your website, including your reasoning and include a link back to the post like this. Visit his blog and make a comment with the link to your post and you're in.

eBooks are easily downloadable anywhere in the world with just a simple Internet connection. Everyone wants to improve his or her standard of living so the mass appeal is there. For me, I believe in teaching someone to fish rather than just giving him or her a fish. There are some eBooks which teach you how to make money online the honest way such as Holly Mann's "Honest Riches - Breakthrough Money-Making Secrets Revealed Summary", which retails for around $37 only (P.S. This is just an example. I haven't read this book so I can't recommend if it is worth its value or not), more than enough to get 2 prizes, with some left over to donate to the nearest charity. Imagine the winner growing your initial prize money many times over so his or her eventual prize is far greater than the initial $37. Now that's truly cool!

iPod Paradise! Smashing Giveaways!

Written by Erz on Friday, October 05, 2007

Looks like iPod's the in-thing in paradise. For I-must-enter-a-contest folks, here's some more sizzling news -

1) It's Write Now Giveaway
Emma at It's Write Now is giving away a red iPod Nano to a lucky fella. In order to enter, all you have to do is to create a post or mention her in a post with a link to It’s Write Now and a link to the contest post like what I've done. Then just submit a comment on that post with the URL to the link post. So easy! The contest will end at midnight on 31st October and the winner will be announced by the following Monday, 5th November. Do check out her blog as well!

2) Success for Your Blog Giveaway
Jason at Success for Your Blog has been producing money-making websites for years. On his blog, he will provide the latest and most recent tips and tricks to help you in your blogging. What's more, he is now giving away an iPod video Nano to a lucky winner who writes a post about the contest. So do check out his blog here and the contest here. Do check out these great sites as well: Jaxim's blog about giveways and free stuff here and Adil's money making blog here.

Have fun!

Spooky iPod Giveaway Contest

Written by Erz on Friday, October 05, 2007

Very apt, I must say. In paradise, why work? For all you contest fanatics, WhyDoWork is giving away an iPod Nano to a lucky winner. The contest will run throughout October and the winner will be announced on 1st November. All you need to do is join their RSS feed to get 1 chance and/or mention the contest post and link to it on your site and get another 5 chances, for a maximum of 6 chances. Why wait, head on down to their blog here right now!

Best of luck!

The [GAS] Ultimate "How To" Contest

Written by Erz on Friday, October 05, 2007

Talking about paradise, it looks like our dear friends at Geeks Are Sexy Technology News blog [GAS] are having a whale of a time as well. They are celebrating their 2nd anniversary with a massive contest which ends at the end of October. Winners will be announced on the first week of November. To enter, just write and submit a new "How to" article on your own blog/site about anything geeky. In addition, if you blog about the contest, you get an extra chance at winning. Check out the fabuloso prizes:

First-place prize:
$271.82 from
Chitika, a leading merchandising network for bloggers
$250.00 from
GFI Software
$70.00 from [GAS] Technology News
One 1GB
Mimobot USB key of your choice from Mimoco ($59.95 value)
One-year subscription to the
PMetrics stats engine from ($49.99 value)

Second-place prize:
$150 gift certificate from [GAS] Technology News
A six-month sponsorship of a
BlogCatalog category ($60-$90 value) from BlogCatalog
One 1GB Mimobot USB key of your choice from Mimoco ($59.95 value)
One-year subscription to the PMetrics stats engine from ($49.99 value)

Third-place prize:
$50 via PayPal from [GAS] Technology News
One 1GB Mimobot USB key of your choice from Mimoco ($59.95 value)
One-year subscription to the PMetrics stats engine from ($49.99 value)

Fourth- and fifth- place prizes:
One-year subscription to the PMetrics stats engine from ($49.99 value)

Additional prize:
$50 via PayPal to a randomly selected blogger who posts about the contest on their site.

Do check out their
blog as well for more details. Happy winning! Adieus!

SiteFever’s New Contest - 1,024GB Up For Grabs

Written by Erz on Thursday, October 04, 2007

TERA is a real TERROR when you think about it. Terror (or did I say tera) in paradise? It certainly seems like that when you consider SiteFever's contest to win a Western Digital 1 Terabyte (1,024 GB) MyBook ( With so much space in that small box, there will be nothing better than to bring it along on a round-the-world trip.

So if I win the MyBook, I'm going to give my bulky haversack to the nearby charity and set off on my world trip with just my travel documents, my lappy and the trusty MyBook (talk about portability!) and sail the seven seas. Imagine 5 years down the road, I might just be having a nice cuppa, resting on my way up to Everest and checking the pictures stored in MyBook from 5 years ago (and still having used only 20% of the space mind you!)

It's the world in a small box! Paradisa Monsieur/Mademoiselle?

How To Maintain An Ethical Blog?

Written by Erz on Thursday, October 04, 2007

Fretting about whether you are crossing that imaginery line between an ethical and unethical blog when blogging about a controversial issue? Fret no longer. Here are five tips on how to keep your blog on the right side of the (cyber) world:

1 - Be Honest
In all your blogging, make sure you are able to back up you say, especially when it concerns some controversial topic or some other person. Honesty is the best policy and freedom to blog can only be applied when responsibility comes into play.

2 -Be Fair
While many people blog to get things off their chests, it is important to be fair in what you say, considering the matter from both sides. Don't be one-dimensional

3 - Stay Current
Don't keep harping on some issue which happened light years ago. Get over it and keep to issues which have happened recently, which also helps in reaffirming facts.

4 - If in Doubt, Stay in Doubt
If you aren't fully sure of something, don't make an assertion. Jumping to conclusions is hardly the best way to ensure that you are maintaining an ethical stance. But stay in doubt only as long as it takes you to clarify the matter and obtain the necessary facts.

5 - Get a Second (and Third and...) Opinion
If you wish to blog on some controversial topic, talk it through with a friend first or someone with some knowledge of the particular topic to make sure you aren't being insensitive to the feelings of some other party, especially one from a different culture or background.

So blog away, the right way!

[The Blogodise Dilemma] Empty Optimism?

Written by Erz on Thursday, October 04, 2007

What do you make of a glass which is filled with liquid to the halfway mark? Half full or half empty? It is easy for me to adopt the thinking of the latter since I've had my fair share of downs. Many have spat in my face without batting an eyelid. Many have plunged a knife so deep in my back that the remnants still cause pain once in a while. Yet I am not discouraged. For just as many have kissed my face tenderly. Just as many have washed my wounds with their tears. Just as many have brightened up my day so much that I still smile dreamily to myself once in a while. So the question is not a question after all. Neither is an answer needed.

A Quiet Beginning

Written by Erz on Thursday, October 04, 2007

A fallen soul in this paradise. What to make of it? I am a defender. Always knew I was. And so I make my quiet entry into this somewhat sinister faceless world. Just a sojourn? I hope not.....


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