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Win Big With BAYB & Bidvertiser

Written by Erz on Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blog About Your Blog and their contest sponsors Bidvertiser are running a great contest at the moment. All you need to do to enter is to subscribe to their RSS feed and make a comment on their blog stating that you have done so. Alternatively, you can blog about the contest with the 2 required links and that counts as two entries. Contest ends 29th October midnight PST time.

The mouth-watering prizes are as follows:
• First Place: 100$ cash via paypal from Bidvertiser
• Second Place: 50$ cash from Bidvertiser
• Third Place: 50$ cash from Bidvertiser
• Fourth Place: A full website review by Adsense Tracker on that blog
• Fifth Place: Your blog will be featured on A Links Blog - A Links Blog provides free links for all bloggers

Check out the contest post here. Start entering and winning!

An Easy $100 Up For Grabs

Written by Erz on Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Contest Beat is having yet another contest and this time, he is giving away a cool $100 in cold hard cash to a random winner. And it can’t get much simpler to enter his contest.

All you need to do is to blog about his contest and link back to both the contest post and his homepage and you’re in. You can also link back to his site in your blogroll and you get an entry as well. Do both and you’ve got double the chance of winning.

What’s stopping you? This can’t take more than a couple of minutes so get to work and dance to the beat!

Do Cufflinks Make a Difference?

Written by Erz on Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cufflinks are decorative fasteners worn to hold together link cuffs on formal shirts or blouses.

While good to have, in this age where everyone virtually moves at the speed of lightning, time is of the essence and cufflinks may be regarded as a bother. After all, there are many button-down shirts available in the market, which are so much easier and faster to handle.

Notwithstanding that argument, cufflinks do add a touch of class to your shirt. This is especially so when they are purchased form well-established and renowned companies known for their fine quality. Some of these exquisitely designed cufflinks are works of art by themselves.

In projecting a good image of oneself, it is helpful to add that touch of class to what you are wearing. This is more so if it means helping you to look and behave more confidently.

So don’t undermine the difference a few classy cufflinks can make to your dressing and demeanor.


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