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Blog Paradise: Submit Contest & Get Featured

Written by Erz on Sunday, December 30, 2007

Submit A Contest - You can submit your contests to me to be posted on this blog. Please use the submission form below and include the required details. I will have sole discretion in deciding whether to publish any submitted contests and all published content will be decided by me. Due to the popularity of this blog as a top contest blog and the large volume of contests submitted, there will henceforth be a US$20 fee for each approved submission (this small fee ensures that your contest will less likely be lost in a sea of other contests with not very attractive prizes). You are deemed to have accepted the above condition (to pay the fee) when you submit your contest using this form. Please only make payment after I have informed you that your contest has been approved. Do note that we do not make any refunds for whatever reason. Should you want your contest to be featured in the "Features: In The Limelight" section which is prominently displayed at the top of the right sidebar and to be included in the "Featured" category listing (to boost publicity as a contest is only successful if there is good participation), the current charges are as follows: 1 month feature (US$20), 2 months feature (US$35), 6 months feature (US$100), Other time periods (Please enquire). If your contest period is less than a month, the one-month charge will prevail. Please note that I must approve your contest before you can be featured. Hence, kindly wait for my reply to your contest submission request before making payment (for the feature section) unless you are making a donation.

In The Limelight (Get Featured Section) - As part of the continuous improvement process for this blog, I have added a featured section in the sidebar which I have named "Features: In The Limelight". This will be given a prominent position at the top. You may feature your contest here for a small fee (see above). I also welcome anyone to send in links to good contest posts, interesting and useful articles or tips, recommended blogs or websites etc to be featured here - if I select your article, there will be no charge. Please note that selection of any articles is at my sole discretion and I reserve the right to reject any entry.

Submit your contest and/or get featured using the form below:

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