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Marketing Pilgrim – Why I Read It

Written by Erz on Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why do I read Marketing Pilgrim? This is simple. It is a site which offers a fantastic array of information which is useful to anyone who is interested in internet marketing or online advertising. And you hear it not from an amateur, but from Andy Beal, an internet marketing expert.

It is published by The Pilgrim Network and is jam-packed with the most recent news, thoughts, tips, reviews and more. It is insightful and enriching, especially for those who are looking at monetizing their websites or blogs.

So there’s no better reason than that in getting the latest on internet marketing and online advertising straight from the expert’s mouth (well, not literally)!

One Shirt But Many Looks

Written by Erz on Thursday, October 11, 2007

Did you know that a single shirt can be used for numerous occasions and for different styles? You don’t need to be wearing formal shirts to look casual. Likewise, casual shirts can be used for formal occasions as well. My friend Jason is a bit of a daredevil, I must say. I once told him he was wasting his talent in publishing when he could well be a fashion designer. He is someone who isn’t keen on following the latest fashion trends, nor does he subscribe to any of the styles as prescribed by the fashion gurus. He wears his clothes his way, the Jason Way, as I call it. And he doesn’t spend a fortune on designer labels either. He relies on mixing and matching his clothes.

His shirts are extremely versatile. A nice formal shirt can be tucked out, unbuttoned at some point, matched with a cool jacket or some accessories for a trendy or even heavy-metal look. He also wears casual shirts to work, pairing them with ties and even bow ties. Odd stuff, but his colleagues have accepted him for his uniqueness and some have even joined the bandwagon.

So all that’s needed is to let your creative juices flow and you could not only save quite a bit with your Spartan closet, but also look good at the same time!

Earn Cash Just For Reading Emails?

Written by Erz on Thursday, October 11, 2007

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