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Win $100 If You Vote The Winning Blogger

Written by Erz on Thursday, January 03, 2008

The new year seems to be getting off to a flyer with several $100 contests flying about. Tyler from and Gyutae from have decided that they want a piece of the action as well so they are offering 3 prizes of $100 each to 3 lucky bloggers.

To enter, you must do a blog post (minimum 300 words) voting for either one of them and say why you think that particular blogger deserves to win or why you are voting for the particular blogger. At the end of the contest, the blogger who gets the higher number of votes will randomly pick 3 winners from those who have voted for him and they will each get $100 via Paypal, "happily" sponsored by the losing blogger! Check out the contest post by Tyler for the full contest details. The contest ends on 14th January 2008, 6pm, PST.

Well, as you may have guessed from the previous paragraph, my vote goes to Tyler Cruz. Why? Perhaps it is because I'm a fool to reject the almost certain bonus prize of a free T-shirt offered by Gyutae for voting for him? Nah. Gyutae seems like a great guy but my vote still goes to Tyler, bonus prize or not.

Tyler gets my vote as I've been impressed with how he has grasped the opportunities that have come his way, such as the cool $23k he made last year for brokering someone's domain. I've also enjoyed reading his many reviews which have been very thorough and professionally done. He has also written several interesting and useful articles as well, such as this recent one on the importance of market research. Despite his tender age, he is already running several websites of his own and earning a fair bit of income as well.

So folks, go support one of them and you may just find yourself $100 richer!

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