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Win 1000 Entrecard Credits

Written by Erz on Thursday, December 20, 2007

What can I say - join the Entrecard contest trail! Joe Tech will be giving away 1000 Entrecard credits to a random winner who drops an Entrecard on him or blogs about his contest with a link. Easy does it!

Check out his contest post for full details and enter before 25th December 2007!

Yet Another Entrecard Giveaway?

Written by Erz on Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yes, you read it right! Another Entrecard giveaway is on so the Entrecard frenzy continues! The giver this time is Beth, the the coolest redneck girlie geek from Ramblings of an Undisturbed Mind. That description is cool in itself! But the contest itself is hot! She's giving away 2000 Entrecard credits in total - definitely motivation for doing a blog post. Check out her contest post for full details.

As a new blogger (my blog is less than 3 months old), I do need a bit of advertising to let more people know about this blog so the credits will come in handy. I also hope that letting more people know about my blog will mean that more people will have the chance to win a contest they see here. Spread the love!

Contest ends 1st January 2008, Noon, Eastern Time and winners will be drawn randomly.

Ashop Brings A Total Solution

Written by Erz on Thursday, December 20, 2007

Earlier, I introduced a dynamic company at the forefront of the hosted shopping cart software industry - Ashop Commerce. The provision of a total solution through their ecommerce software is imperative in removing a key obstacle which plagues some entrepreneurs. While these entrepreneurs may have a great product or idea, they may have no idea how to or lack the skills to bring the product to the online world.

Ashop not only removes the barriers to entry for novices, it also woos professionals who are looking for a quick and time-saving solution at very affordable rates. Their software is fully functional with major payment processors and boasts a search engine optimized structure. I especially like the fact that they offer a free 10-day trial for which business owners can test run the software before making a purchase decision. And as further evidence of the attractiveness of their service, Ashop has received positive testimonials from several of its customers and bagged some awards as well. Hosting your shopping cart with Ashop is likely to be a breeze with their fast servers and numerous backups.

If you’re planning a hassle-free ecommerce business, you’ll want to pop down to Ashop today!


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