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Why I Deserve A Free Domain & Hosting Package

Written by Erz on Thursday, January 24, 2008

Andreana is hosting a nice little contest to give away a domain name and a 100MB blog hosting for a year. To enter, there are a few conditions. For instance, you must have blogged for at least 3 months and cannot have your own domain name or hosting. If you meet these criteria, you can write a short post of 60 words on why you deserve the free domain name and hosting. Contest ends 31 January 2008 and the winner will be selected by a panel of judges. Do check out her contest post for full details.

Andreana's blog, What I Say, is basically a personal blog where she shares anything under the sun, varying from news stories of musicians and celebrities to movies to ramblings and more. The personal sharings make the blog more personable to readers and draws them more intimately into her world.

So why do I deserve the domain name and hosting? Well, as a contest blog, I help to spread the word on blog contests all around the blogosphere. This allows more people to know about these contests and get a chance to win something for themselves. I also set myself apart from other contest blogs by making the effort at keeping my blog family-friendly and not posting contests which relate to sites with adult themes or prizes. Furthermore, I have an all-inclusive policy to ensure that the contests you see here are open to everyone in the world and not just limited to a specific country. So whether you are in the Philippines or USA, you can always find something to participate in here. Thus, having my own domain name and hosting will mean better recall and more options for my readers as well as an enhanced experience when visiting my site so it will ultimately benefit many parties. Let's spread the love at Blog Paradise!

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