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Five Dollar Wiki Contest

Written by Erz on Sunday, October 21, 2007

I must confess I am a fan of both OneBuckWiki and FiveDollarWiki! And there's an amazing contest going on there. If you're not already aware, FiveDollarWiki is a community of entrepreneurs, web marketers, and normal people like you and me who want to use the Internet to promote their businesses, blogs, websites etc and benefit from the collective traffic generated in the process.

For just $5 (at the moment that is), you can own a webpage for the life of the site - that is a guaranteed 15 years and maybe even longer. You can have your own content on the site - you decide!

And because the price of the pages go up for every thousand pages the creators sell, you are investing as well. Although there are quite a few similar projects out there, I'm recommending this as the downside is so small. If this takes off (and the signs are good, thanks to the hard work of Max and company), you're going to be able to sell your pages for a lot more. Even if it doesn't, you lose just a couple of dollars - not much risk if you ask me.

Furthermore, FiveDollarWiki is now giving away $500 worth of pages on FiveDollarWiki to a random winner who blogs about it. And our friends at FiveDollarWiki are so generous that they're even giving away $20 in FiveDollarWiki pages to bloggers just for entering the contest so everyone's a winner. So head down to their blog for more details to enter. Do also check out the blog at OneBuckWiki for more goodies as well.


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