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The Contest Beat Contest About Contests

Written by Erz on Friday, October 05, 2007

Ah, contest time again. Our friend Matt at Contest Beat is holding his very first contests. Hurray! He's giving away $50 (via Paypal or Amazon gift certificate) to the person who came up with the best prize in his opinion. He's also giving away $50 (via Paypal or Amazon gift certificate) to a randomly selected entrant. First contest ends 15th October. So you've got 2 chances at winning. All you have to do (and this is really simple) is to suggest what you think is the coolest contest prize, with the widest range of appeal, for a giveaway. It must cost US$100 or under and be able to be sent almost anywhere in the world from where you buy it. Blog or write about it on your website, including your reasoning and include a link back to the post like this. Visit his blog and make a comment with the link to your post and you're in.

eBooks are easily downloadable anywhere in the world with just a simple Internet connection. Everyone wants to improve his or her standard of living so the mass appeal is there. For me, I believe in teaching someone to fish rather than just giving him or her a fish. There are some eBooks which teach you how to make money online the honest way such as Holly Mann's "Honest Riches - Breakthrough Money-Making Secrets Revealed Summary", which retails for around $37 only (P.S. This is just an example. I haven't read this book so I can't recommend if it is worth its value or not), more than enough to get 2 prizes, with some left over to donate to the nearest charity. Imagine the winner growing your initial prize money many times over so his or her eventual prize is far greater than the initial $37. Now that's truly cool!

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