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Beyond Physical Constraints – Cut Costs For Your Business

Written by Erz on Saturday, October 13, 2007

I have often met friends who have their own businesses who have the following gripe – “It is getting harder and more expensive to hire a worker!” Indeed, many businesses have to cope with more expensive domestic workers and sometimes a lack of suitable local manpower in that particular area. The advances in technology have alleviated this problem somewhat.

Many companies are now hiring foreign employees. But with communication of prime importance between members of a team, how are foreign employees to work in tandem with locals? How are they to conduct meetings with one another? In comes video conferencing. This is nothing new but not all companies have embraced the technology. Some have tried to cut corners with cheap software, only to have it backfire on them with blurred images and choppy sounds – a nightmare!

The host of technical problems which could arise only makes choosing the right video conferencing software all the more crucial. Such software should still be affordable but should accord ease-of-use and reliability to the end user.

Thus, by looking globally for workers, companies can reduce labor costs and through video conferencing, they can hold Internet meetings just as efficiently as physical meetings, the caveat being the need to choose a software package which is both affordable and of high quality.

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