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Get Hot In Germany

Written by Erz on Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Share your moment of glory in Germany and win 4 InterRail Passes from Deutsche Bahn to travel throughout Europe, 8 "A&O to go" packages and a voucher for 2 persons and 2 nights with breakfast in the Hotel Sir & Lady Astor in Düsseldorf.

Furthermore, you can also win 2 Welcome Cards and 2 HopOn HopOff CityTours for Düsseldorf.

In this Instagram Challenge, young travelers worldwide are invited to share their "Youth Hot Spots Germany" which can be a city, a 'Must See', a location, a bar, a café, a shop, an event or just a moment in between.

A Jury will select the winners on a regular basis. Criteria are: creativity, quality and given information. They will also feature the best shots on Instagram. Winners will be notified by a comment or an email if provided.

Contest ends April 30th, 2013.

Check out the contest details and rules at their contest page.
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