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Earn On The Side June Contest

Written by Erz on Saturday, June 07, 2008

Earn On The Side is a blog which promises to teach you how to earn money during your spare time. The blog posts carry ideas on how to make money at home or on the go. It promises "no scams" and that the ideas on how to make money are for those looking at part-time earnings and not as a full-time job. The good thing about this blog is that it is targeted at all of us ordinary people - you don't need to be a master internet marketer or an SEO expert to try out the ideas on this blog.

The blog design is simple and easy on the eyes, though a more distinct blog logo would help to differentiate the blog further and create a more vivid image in a reader's mind. All in all, it is a good blog to go to for ideas but remains a dime in a dozen with the number of make money online blogs out there.

By the way, they're having 2 contests for June. The first is to win some ECs and an advertising slot and the second contest is for $25 cash.

Check out full details here.

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