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Site Hop With SiteHoppin'

Written by Erz on Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Max and his team, the creators of OneBuckWiki, FiveDollarWiki and several other fantastic sites, have created yet another great site called SiteHoppin'. These guys are really dedicated and you've got to lend them your support by checking out this new venture.

SiteHoppin' is basically a social networking/bookmarking site which, as the name implies, allows one to hop from site to site based on your interests. By clicking on the "Site Hop" button, you can surf the web to find good blogs, pictures, videos, websites etc. It is based on MediaWiki, which powers the popular Wikipedia, and runs on ideas drawn from well-known sites like StumbleUpon and

This site is still in beta testing so you can be part of the evolving process by joining it now. SiteHoppin' promises a whole host of new features, some of which can allow you to "site hop" among your favorite sites on a daily basis or submit great sites and stories to them.

SiteHoppin' certainly sounds like an exciting project which you may want to be a part of. Check them out today!

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