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Saphrym's Giveaway

Written by Erz on Monday, December 24, 2007

Saphrym is having a mega giveaway for bloggers with $250 and 1000 Entrecard credits up for grabs to a lucky random winner.

You've got to check out his interesting blog which covers a myriad of topics as a husband, father, reader, writer, teacher, thinker and more. One article I really enjoyed was how he discovered that inexpensive clear vinyl could be used as screen protectors (among many other new uses he also thought of). Often times, we don't realize that there are many ordinary things lying around the house which can have multiple uses. No wonder so many inventions have come about through this route!

Anyways, the contest ends 27th February 2008 (his daughter's birthday!). Lots of time to get entered! Go down to his contest post for full details.

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