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Another Entrecard Contest

Written by Erz on Monday, February 04, 2008

There is another Entrecard contest going on and it is by My Blog Contest, who recently won 10,000 Entrecard credits.

He's now giving away 3,000 Entrecard credits in total and you can enter to win 300 credits by subscribing to his RSS feed by email (3 winners). The other 2,100 credits will be shared among 3 winners who blog about his blog and contest with the required links. You are allowed to enter both contests.

My Blog Contest is one of my favorite contest blogs and he posts contests on a regular basis. I especially like the section where he singles out contests which are about to end. That's really useful. The only negative for me is that it takes quite long for his blog to load up due to the numerous ads that he runs.

Check out the full contest details at his contest page.

Contest ends 1 March 2008 and winners will be randomly drawn. Get entered!

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