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OneBuckWiki Debt Page Contest

Written by Erz on Thursday, October 25, 2007

The debt page at OneBuckWiki is having a review contest where the best reviewer will earn a cool $25. This contest closes soon on 27th October so enter soon!

It is still early days at OneBuckWiki but the debt page already has some good content videos. I especially enjoyed Dave Ramsey's videos on how to become debt free. The debt page at OneBuckWiki also highlights the problem of debt from credit cards, which is quite common nowadays. The videos provide good informational content but to make the page more interesting, perhaps there could be some case examples of unique situations involving debt - plus some images or cartoons perhaps and maybe a commentary from the page owner. Another topic which could be considered is the rise of debt advice companies. Overall, it is a good start for the debt page and we will be looking forward to some more riveting content on the page in time to come.


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