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Written by Erz on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 Blog is having a contest with two $15 cash prizes to give away. Just blog about their site/blog/contest, include a link to the contest post and one or more of the specified pages in that post and you’re in. is basically a website which sells Himalayan Goji Juice which is said to be jam-packed with nutrients while still maintaining a great taste. Among the list of several health benefits, I really need the one about boosting my energy and stamina levels. Hmm, I’m feeling thirsty already!

Contest ends 22nd November 2007. Check out the contest post for full details.

The Mega $1000 Contest

Written by Erz on Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fancy going home $1,000 richer? Well, Doug at The Marketing Technology Blog is holding a contest to give away $1,000 via Paypal (plus some other great prizes)! To enter, you need to write a blog post with a reference to each of his 10 sponsors with a couple of sentences about their site, product or service. If you want 10 entries, write a blog post for each of the 10 sponsors.

Contest ends 25th November 2007 and a winner will be chosen randomly. Head over to the contest page for full details and rules.

Here’s my entry for this $1,000 Giveaway at The Marketing Technology Blog:

The Marketing Technology Blog is a highly successful blog by digital and database marketer, Douglas Karr. It has lots of interesting and useful articles on marketing, advertising, technology as well as a myriad of other topics. This is a power-packed blog with information that most online marketers will definitely want to know!

FormSpring offers its customers the ability to create powerful forms for numerous purposes, for instance order forms, feedback forms or the like. These forms can be customized for the specific needs of each customer and do not require any installation as they are web-based. You can subscribe to their basic service for free or add on functionality by subscribing to one of their paid services.

PPC Hero is a blog dedicated to pay-per-click management. This is a blog that those hoping to monetize their websites or blogs should visit. There are goodies galore for both beginners and hard-core PPC expert so no one is left out!

Search Engine People is a Canadian search engine marketing and optimization firm. With a team of well-qualified specialists in this field, they provide their clients with strategies to boost the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

EverEffect is an interactive marketing firm which aims to assist its clients in finding, getting and keeping their clients online. Led by a team of highly educated professionals, they provide clients with strategic planning, interactive development, and data-driven analysis among others. If you want to avoid ‘Information Highway Robbery’, as they call it, check them out for some advice.

Wrike is a leading light in online project management using email. This web-based service is simple to use and offers great rewards especially in time savings and organization. So write it with Wrike today!

Tracy Garnier: Real Estate Agent - Indianapolis, Indiana has accumulated much knowledge and experience in the industry which allows her to negotiate great deals for her customers. The best thing about her – she does not treat it simply as a transaction but she cares about her clients!

A Pound a Day Diet is a system to help a person lose weight fast. They have a 60-day full money-back guarantee so you can trial the system with no worries. So if you’re in the doldrums due to your weight, do check them out and see if their system is the one for you.

Vontoo is a pioneer self-service voice messaging system which allows you to track the messages you create. This is an easy-to-use system with potentially massive benefits, such as allowing permission-based voice marketing for a great price. Go check out their free trial if you have the time.

GoCollege provides a detailed guide to students on almost every aspect of college education, whether it is financing, educational options or simply advice on how to make the best of your college days.


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