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Written by Erz on Friday, January 04, 2008 contacted me to let me know that he is having a contest for the new year. The prize: A 125 X 125 px ad space for a month (worth $25) in + USD 5 via PayPal. There are several ways to enter:

Comment in any post = 1 entry
Subscribe to this blog through RSS or email = 2 entries
Optional: Review his blog = 2 entries
Compulsory: Review (You must review in order to win) = 4 entries

My review: is basically a site for bloggers to get to know new bloggers (and blogs) and to promote their own. It promises to provide opportunities for its members to earn shares in their society's earnings with a claim that they may be able to get real money for them in the future. Though not new, this is an interesting idea worth exploring, as it acts as an incentive for its members to participate actively. However, with an increasing number of websites promising similar goodies, it is important to build credibility by actually delivering tangible benefits (recall the Agloco case example).

I do like the logo and the layout of their website, which is easy on the eyes. However, it would be helpful if had an FAQ page which addresses some concerns of potential members, such as how they can earn their shares and how theses may be used. More background on the site and owners as well as a privacy policy may also act as an assurance for visitors and potential members. Nonetheless, they seem to have a growing community of members which bodes well for the future.

If you would like to enter the contest, do check out Nimrodjo's contest post for full details.

Contest ends 31st January 2008 and the winner will be picked by his sponsor, the owner of

By the way, if you haven't already entered my contest, do take a shot at some free advertising here.

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New Year Contest: More Prizes Added & Easier To Enter!

Written by Erz on Friday, January 04, 2008

If you aren't already aware, Blog Paradise is having a New Year Contest to give away lots of free advertising and now, we're upping the stakes! There will be 5 more prizes of a text link in my blogroll for 1 month added so there will be 10 winners now! How's that for winning odds? Each person can win only one prize so there will be 10 different winners!

I've also decided to make it easier to enter the contest. You can now enter by subscribing to my RSS feeds either via a reader or via email (and yes, you can also do both for one entry each). Leave a comment on the original contest post after you've done so. If you're already a subscriber through your reader, just leave a comment on the original contest post to be entered. For those subscribing via a reader, you will have to tell me in your comment how I can contact you if you win (e.g. leave your email, blog/website address or some way where I can reach you). If you don't want to leave these information publicly, you can use my contact form to send them to me but do make sure you still leave a comment to tell me you've entered. I will track all entries through the comments on the original contest post so if you've not commented, you're not in.

Those who have already entered are eligible as well so do increase your chances of winning by subscribing via the two ways or by blogging about the contest (or by doing all of the above)! You can add additional entries any time before the end of the contest (at the end of January 2008).

Get over to the original contest post by clicking this link and get entered!

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