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How To Maintain An Ethical Blog?

Written by Erz on Thursday, October 04, 2007

Fretting about whether you are crossing that imaginery line between an ethical and unethical blog when blogging about a controversial issue? Fret no longer. Here are five tips on how to keep your blog on the right side of the (cyber) world:

1 - Be Honest
In all your blogging, make sure you are able to back up you say, especially when it concerns some controversial topic or some other person. Honesty is the best policy and freedom to blog can only be applied when responsibility comes into play.

2 -Be Fair
While many people blog to get things off their chests, it is important to be fair in what you say, considering the matter from both sides. Don't be one-dimensional

3 - Stay Current
Don't keep harping on some issue which happened light years ago. Get over it and keep to issues which have happened recently, which also helps in reaffirming facts.

4 - If in Doubt, Stay in Doubt
If you aren't fully sure of something, don't make an assertion. Jumping to conclusions is hardly the best way to ensure that you are maintaining an ethical stance. But stay in doubt only as long as it takes you to clarify the matter and obtain the necessary facts.

5 - Get a Second (and Third and...) Opinion
If you wish to blog on some controversial topic, talk it through with a friend first or someone with some knowledge of the particular topic to make sure you aren't being insensitive to the feelings of some other party, especially one from a different culture or background.

So blog away, the right way!

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